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Top Ten Views of Langchuan Town Unveiled!

Recently, the Top Ten Views of Langchuan Town Unveiled.

01  The Charm of Historical Qinchuan  芹川古韵

The historical and cultural village of Qinchuan has a history of more than 750 years since its ancestor Wanninggong moved to the place. There are more than 100 buildings (structures) from the Ming Dynasty to the Republic Period of China, including residential buildings, ancestral halls, temples, bridges, commercial buildings, streets, and lanes. These buildings are mainly concentrated in the center of the village, most of which are Huizhou-style ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties.

02  Xiao Tian Hua Long  啸天化龙

According to legend, Xiao Tian Hua Long is the place where two eminent monks roared at the sky (Xiao Tian) and transformed into dragons (Hua Long). It is located at the top of Dalian Peak (大连岭) 1300 meters above sea level. It's said that in the Western Jin Dynasty, there were many people passing through the peak. However, the peak was overgrown with weeds, making it very inconvenient for people to walk. At that time, there were two eminent monks from Huizhou (徽州) and Muzhou (睦州) who decided to build a road there. They started by paving the road with stones by hand from two ends of the road and finally met on the top of the peak so as to form an ancient road stretching in Dalian Peak. At last, the two eminent monks transformed into dragons roaring at the sky and left. To commemorate them, people called their meeting point as "Xiao Tian Hua Long".

03  Explore Mysterious Lianling  连岭探秘

The uphill path, the flat path and the downhill path of Daling Peak are respectively 1000 meters with the highest point at an altitude of over 1300 meters, hence the reputation, the No. 1 Peak of Jiangnan Region (Jiangnan Region refers to regions south of the Yangtze River). In the peak, there is an ancient road originally built during the Western Jin Dynasty when the Northern Barbarian Tribes occupied lands of ancient China to establish their regimes and many literati and government officials in retirement escaped to Southern China. It had always been the main road for trade in Muzhou and Huizhou, which was dubbed as the first highway connecting Muzhou and Huizhou. Along the road, you will find a large number of cultural relics, each of which has a fascinating story. Also, there are many rare wild animals and plants in the peak. It is a good spot for mountain hiking and exploration.

04  Withered Trees Revive  枯木逢春

The attraction is located in the Dalian Peak as well. Because of the high altitude, the climate in the peak is poor. Most of the trees on the mountain top are withered due to strong wind. However, every year in March and May, thousands of beautiful azaleas bloom in the withered trees over the mountain forming a unique landscape.

05  Xinling Reclining Buddha  新岭卧佛

It is located next to Gongshan Peak (公山尖) and Xinling Ancient Road (新岭古道) in Zhanjia Village (占家村) and was so named for its shape resembling a reclining Buddha. The Xinling Ancient Road is about five kilometers long and takes about one and a half hours to finish. It starts from Zhanjia Village and ends at Xinlingyuan Village of Jiangjia Town (姜家新岭源村), passing through Xinling in a hollow at the south foot of Jigong Peak (鸡公尖). This Xinling Ancient Road is also the most convenient way for the old Huizhou merchants to go to Chun'an County for business. Now it has become one of the best places for tourists to climb and climb. Now it has become one of the best places for tourists to go hiking.

06  Black Snake and Cock  黑蛇鸡公 

Its full name is Black Snake and Cock Waterfalls, which is located in Shigushan Village (狮古山村). It is a grand canyon waterfall group long as 10 km. According to legend, the ancients went to the mountain to cut firewood and they found a huge black snake at the waterfalls whose head was like the crown of a cock, hence the name of Black Snake and Cock.

07  Rainbow at Bridge of Wannianqiao  虹见万年

Wannian Bridge is located in Shigushan Village. It was built in Jiaqing Period of the Qing Dynasty dating back to 200 years ago.

08  The Wizard of Langchuan  阔野仙踪

In recent years, Langchuan Town (浪川乡) taking its advantages of beautiful rural scenery, has vigorously promoted rural exercises. From Hongjia Village (洪家村) to Quanpu Village (全朴村), a group of new rural greenways are opened, which are about 10 kilometers in total and have attracted a lot of tourists to come for riding and jogging.

09  Splendid Datang  大美大塘

In recent years, Datang Village following the trend of tourism development has vigorously promoted the construction of scenic villages to change the old look into a new one and build a model of beautiful "new countryside".

10  Looking for Green in Mulberry Fields  桑田寻绿

Sericulture is the largest industry in Langchuan Town, covering an area of nearly 10000 mu. In recent years, the transformation of the agricultural industry has been vigorously promoted, and many characteristic industrial projects such as sericulture research, mulberry picking and specialties have been formed.