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Let’s Go Mountain Hiking

Qiandao Lake has always enjoyed the fame of being the county with over a thousand peaks. Here, undulating mountains stand in great numbers and every one of them is exceedingly fascinating and charming, attracting travel enthusiasts from over the country to climb and explore them. Pinon pine, chrysanthemum indicum, soft rime, sea of clouds, sunrise … all are mysterious corners of Qiandao Lake.

Wu Lang Wu 五狼坞
Wu Lang Wu may not be the highest mountain in Qiandao Lake but it certainly has one of the great views of Qiandao Lake. The forests on the mountains are lush green, the mountain springs are crystal-clear, and the birds are chirping happily. A mountain hiking trail crosses Wu Lang Wu Ecological Ditch ... It’s an ideal place to travel through forest, go mountain hiking, play with water and feel relaxed in this natural oxygen bar.

Address: Xiajiang Village, Fengshuling Town, Chun'an County 淳安县枫树岭镇下姜村

Ziyun Peak 紫云尖
Climb to the top of Ziyun Peak and what meets your eyes are layers of mountains and islands dotted around Qiandao Lake … It extends to the vast distance, forming a Chinese landscape painting full of meaningful artistic conception.

Address: Dakengwu Natural Village, Lishang Town, Chun'an County 淳安县里商乡大坑坞自然村

Gongshan Peak 公山尖
Gongshan Peak features dangerous and abrupt terrain. Surrounded by undulating high mountains, a creek named Fenglin Creek flows through the foot of the mountain. It enjoys an advantageous geological environment. It has a 200-meter-high plank road and offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Qiandao Lake.

Address: Dashu Town, Chun'an County 淳安县大墅镇

Dongshan Peak 东山尖
Dongshan Peak is located at the junction of Weiping Town and Songcun Town. Here, you can not only see a big waterfall with a drop of 20-30 meters, but also can watch the wondrous scene of the sea of clouds like that in a wonderland... The sunrise in Dongshan Peak is reputed as the first scene of Weiping Town and features different views in different seasons.

Address: Weiping Forest Farm, Chun'an County 淳安县威坪林场

Baizhao Yanya Mountain 百照燕崖山
What people expect to see when hiking on Baizhao Yanya Mountain is not the sunrise and sea of clouds, but ancient ancestral halls, ancient folk customs and Baizhao Mirage. Baizhao Mirage is one of the new Top Ten Views of Qiandao Lake and has the most fairy-tale flavors of all. Also, the painting with the same name is on display at UN headquarters in Vienna. The Zhujia Village at the foot of the mountain is the settlement of Zhu Xi's descendants.

Address: Baizhao Village, Jinfeng Town, Chun'an County 淳安县金峰乡百照村

Pingfeng Rock 屏峰岩
Pingfeng Rock, formerly known as Baizhao Mountain, is home to a row of rocks towering over the ridge like a screen. It is a Danxia landform formed by stratigraphic fracture and known for peculiar-shaped rocks and abrupt cliffs ...

Address: Pinghu Village, Qianmiao Line, Chun'an County 淳安县千缪线屏湖村

Jinzi Peak 金紫尖
Jinzi Peak is surrounded by peaks on all four sides and is named after the view that "The sun shines and the gold and purple flashes". Here, the peaks are undulating and the height difference is huge with the lowest point at Qingshan Pavilion, Ganping, Wangfu Town. From the top of the mountain, you can have a panoramic view of Qiandao Lake, which is very spectacular.

Address: Wangfu Town, Songcun Town, Chun'an County 淳安县宋村乡王阜乡

Moxin Peak 磨心尖
Moxin Peak is the highest peak in Chun'an County and is named after the shape of the mountain resembling the center of a mill (Mo Xin). It is the main peak of the Qianligang Mountains and the scenery along the way to the peak is unique with boulders, strange pines, canyons, bamboo forests... The top of the mountain with a great camping environment is an ideal place to enjoy sea of clouds and watch the sunrise.

Address: Fengshulin Town, Chun'an County 淳安县枫树林镇

Sanjing Peak 三井尖
At the junction of each mountain, there is a pool resembling a well, hence the name Sanjing (literally meaning three wells in Chinese). Water from these mountain pools flows down and in the canyon, you will see a gurgling stream flowing through and over 40 waterfalls along the way. Every season, the place boasts of ample water, favorable temperature and cloud and mist, and is really a natural oxygen bar.

Address: Anyang Town, Chun'an County 淳安县安阳乡

Zheshan Mountain 蔗山

It is also called Fengping Mountain for the village in it named Fengping. The elevation of the mountain is about 300 meters. The village, enveloped by mists all year round, is built beside the mountain. The residential buildings are simple and elegant, distributed in a ladder shape and arranged in a staggered way. With beautiful scenery, it is the best place for leisure, health preservation, and photography in Qiandao Lake. Fengping Yunshe is known as one of the top ten attractions of Qiandao Lake.

Address: Qiaoxi Village, Zuokou Town 左口乡桥西村

Paradise Mountain 天堂山
It is a branch of Zheshan Mountain and its highest peak is Guandao Peak (关刀尖) where there is the historical site of Paradise Temple, which was built in the Kangxi Period of the Qing Dynasty, formerly known as Hanfeng Temple, now as Yaowang Temple. Hike to the top of the Paradise Mountain and you will have a panoramic view of mountains and waters as well as countryside scenery in the distance.

Address: Longyuanzhuang Village, Zuokou Town 左口乡龙源庄村

Daishan Mountain 岱山
Daishan Mountain features undulating peaks, fresh air all the year round and pleasant scenery in all four seasons. You can enjoy a panoramic view from the mountain top within a 5,000-meter range. Stop to enjoy the scenery of flowers, plants, trees, listen to murmuring clear spring and chirping birds, all of which make you relaxed, happy and linger.

Address: Xianhou Village, Zuokou Town 左口乡显后村

Anyang National Mountaineering Fitness Walking Trail 安阳国家登山健身步道

The scenery of Anyang in spring is the same as usual. In the early morning, facing the rising sun, you can follow the breath of dirt to stroll through the mountains, meet bamboo forests, listen to birds whispering, smell the fragrance of flowers, and climb to the top of mountains to look into the distance ... Strolling among the green mountains and forests, it is as if time slows down here.

Length of the hiking trail: 41.2 km

Address: Anyang Town, Chun'an County 淳安县安阳乡