Mogan Mountain in Winter

Once covered with a layer of snow filter, the scenery in Mogan Mountain almost directly became the Hokkaido!Thousands of acres of forest are dyed pure white by thick snow. And winding roads lead to the distant sky. Mogan Mountain in the early winter has the feeling of Kyoto. In midwinter it has thebeautiful scenery like Hokkaido. Of course you should stay in such a pretty Mogan Mountain!

Sesame Valley

Walk into the Sesame Valley, rich exotic flavor and artistic atmosphere will wrap you up in a moment.It feels more like walking into a gorgeous museum than a hotel. Your eyesight would fluster around in those strong colors, but still there isn’t enough time to see all the corners.The pool occupies only one corner of the lawn. And there is a large open green space surrounded by the Sesame Valley’s rooms, with strange abstract, playful and bizarre sculptures scattering on it.Sesame Valley puts 61 fantasy dreams into 61 rooms, each is a fairy tale, each is a fantasy.It is said that behind these fantastic worlds, there are more than 1,900 design drawings.Back and forth, for the manuscript alone,there are more than 300 pieces. For customized and collection of various furniture and utensils, there are more than 5,000 kinds.

Hot Air Balloon

The process when the hot air balloon rising into the sky is an excellent opportunity to admire the view from 360°all anglesin an immersive way!Flying has always been the dream of human beings. When the balloon slowly rises to the height of high altitude, you can hear the wind whistling, look ahead, the mountain roads crisscross under your eyes, the houses are partly hidden and partly visible in the mountains, the bamboo forest on the snow land is still waving with the wind...

At Discovery Expedition Impossible Theme Park, hiking trails is also an interesting way to experience Mogan Mountain: you can stroll among the layered colors and breath freely the negative oxygen ions in the mountain. You can also pass all the landmark scenery of Mogan Mountain and be guided by professional coaches all the way. So you don't have to worry about safety even on the snowy mountain paths.