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The 3rd Longwu Bicycle Carnival Is Coming!

Speaking of the most popular ways of traveling, cycling is definitely one of them. Can you imagine how fantastic it is to ride a bicycle in the morning to embrace nature with the company of gentle breeze? Well, you can have this kind of experience in the 3rd Longwu Bicycle Carnival, which is about to kick off on November 17, 2019. So, are you ready to discover the beauties of the charming Longwu tea town in autumn on a bicycle?

The cycling route starts at Jiujie Street (九街), which features a strong republic-period-of-China style. You can ride a bicycle among lush green tea bushes to have a brand-new cycling experience. The event can satisfy demands of participants of different levels by setting three routes for three groups, i.e. parent-child group, cycling and touring group, and cross-country group.

The event is all fee-free and provides participants with cycling gear. After you finish the competition, you will get a medal for it. The first three participants of cross-country group who have finished the competition will get cash reward!

Meet the Most Beautiful Track among Tea Gardens

15 kilometers southwest of Hangzhou downtown, there hides the cradle of Hangzhou tea culture - Longwu Tea Town. The place is the largest production area and protection area of Xihu Longjing Green Tea. It boasts a large area of tea gardens whose area adds up to 6,660,000 sq m. It is also a national 4A scenic area and a provincial characteristic town of Zhejiang.

Here, you can refresh yourself among verdant mountains and emerald-green water and to experience the most beautiful 10 kilometers of Hangzhou Longwu Sports and Leisure Park (the Cycling Park).

Also, Longwu is home to a lot of fun places and delicious food. You can experience the charm of making handicrafts, experience picking tea leaves among tea bushes grown on mountains and appreciate the beauty of culture in tea-featured places and tea ware halls.

Longwu is the most beautiful town that also offers a tasteful journey. You can treat yourself to all sorts of snacks and foods to the full.

There are also great B&Bs to relieve your tiredness from all aspects.

After the cycling event, it's highly recommended to spend a perfect weekend in Longwu. This kind of event and this kind of holiday will surely let your friends envy.

Fee-free Competition and Medal for Everyone!

The competition is all fee-free, but offers a great experience. After the competition, every participant will be awarded with a medal. The first three places of cross-country group, both male group and female group, will be awarded with cash.

(Medal of 2017 Cycling Competition)

Cycling among the most beautiful tea gardens of Hangzhou...

We even have bicycles ready for you ...

If you are into nature and sports, then come to Longwu!

Competition Details

Competition Name: 2019 the 3rd West Lake•Longwu Bicycle Carnival

Competition Time: November, 17

Registration Date: November 10, 2019 (until the quota is met)

The starting and finishing points: Longwu Tea Town•Jiujie Street

Quota: 1000 people

Route Details:Three routes for three groups, parent-child group, cycling and touring group and cross-country group.

Registration Requirements

Cycling and Touring Group:

Registration is required to be made individually and the age limitation is from 16 to 70 years old. Participants need to follow the guide of task booklets to find assigned check-in points in order to finish the tasks stated in the task booklet. The bicycles will be provided by the event organizing committee.

Cross-Country Group:

There will be different groups for male and female participants. Registration is required to be made individually. The age limitation is from 18 to 55 years old. The route is 9 kilometers and participants need to bring their bicycles.

This November 17, let's appreciate the beauties of Longwu Tea Town and discover the many fun ways to tour the town on a bicycle.