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Visit National Ancient Village & Feel "Hot Spring" Swimming Pool

Over the course of your life, have you ever stopped and looked back and reminisced about the past?

Wild fruits in the mountains, country roads, picture-story book in pockets, glass marbles in hands ... memories that are deeply treasured in heart, and the Pure Land that has gradually disappeared.

When they’re young, people always want to run away from their hometown to the wonderful world outside, but when they did, they just want to come back to their hometown to be near the familiar atmosphere after a long separation.

So why not invite some of your friends and come to Dongyuan Village (洞源村), Weiping Town (威坪镇) to breathe the fresher than fresh air in the forests, photographing in the national-level ancient village, using simplicity, naturality and nostalgia to express a deep love for the good years.

Visit the Ancient Village

Dongyuan Village is located in the west of Weiping Town, at the junction of Zhejiang and Anhui provinces. You can get to the village from Hongqiaotou (虹桥头) towards Liudu (六都). It has won the title of "the Fifth Batch of Traditional Chinese Villages" in 2019. Dongyuan Village was rich in silver mines in ancient times and according to exploration results, it is still a silver mine with considerable reserves, so if you want to see the true face of Silver Mountain, you must not miss Dongyuan Village.

There is a ginkgo tree on the mountain with a history of more than 1300 years. When autumn comes, the tree will be full of golden leaves and when the wind blows, golden leaves dance in the air and fall on the ground to form a golden carpet.

Accompanied by the ancient ginkgo is Lingyan Temple (灵岩寺), which is very popular among pilgrims. The temple is said to be built to worship the military counselor of the Fang La Uprising (方腊起义), a famous peasant uprising in the late Song Dynasty in Qingxi Country, Muzhou (the current northwestern areas of Chun’an County). Along the way to the temple, there are natural and cultural landscapes such as mountain waterfalls, Pengli wonderland, and slate houses waiting for you to explore.

The scene of waterfalls running among the mountains in the distance resemble a scroll of ink painting

Listen to the sound of flowing water between layers of mountains; That clear and powerful sound echoes in the air, being with you all the time; It seems like hymns to life composed by nature. 


To run away from the hustle and bustle of the city to explore the ancient village hidden deep in Dongyuan Village

To photograph between the earth buildings

You can also pick wild vegetables and lichens in the fields and mountains to have a fun spring and to regain childhood fun.  

Ascend the steps and stroll in the "silver mountain" and every photo you take there is a beautiful one. There are ancient charms everywhere.

Ascend the “silver mountain” to the viewing pavilion at the mountaintop to see clouds scudding across the sky, and watch the wild geese flying side by side.

See wild cherry blossoms all over the mountains; Come to Lingyan Temple and ring the bell to pray for you and your family. 

Enjoy the "Hot Spring" Swimming Pool

500 meters away from the People’s Government of Weiping Town, at the head of Oriental Bridge, there are several well-arranged Huizhou-style buildings with gray and black walls, which are particularly eye-catching. The entire building complex of the B&B is smartly separated from the periphery by antique walls. “Keeping quiet in a noisy neighborhood”, this is "Changqingju (常清居)".

In the overall design of the B & B, a combination of new Chinese and classical Chinese styles is used, which retains the ancient Jiangnan tunes of the ancient town, and while simplifying, considers functionality and comfort. In the words of his owner Guo Can, "Through a B&B, you can see the style and attitude of the owner at a glance."

The most unique and attractive about Changqingju is the constant temperature swimming pool, which is worth millions CNY and equivalent to the Rolls-Royce class in the automotive industry. It provides 360-degree three-dimensional surfing, comfortable SPA and underwater running sports. It is the first high-standard swimming pool in the world of B&Bs in China.

“Changqingju” consists of three buildings with a water-front courtyard, a children's play area and a swimming pool relaxation area.

On the weekend, invite some friends to meet together in Changqingju and to experience the high-level collision between quaint and modern.

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