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Hot Spring Resorts in and Around Hangzhou

Recently, Hangzhou seems to have entered the winter ahead of time, so cold. In such cold weather, it must be feel great to indulge yourself in a hot spring bath! So for us in Hangzhou, what options do we have to have a really nice hot spring tour? Read on to learn more …

Bai Lu Quan Hot Spring


Bai Lu Quan (Egret Spring) is located at the northwestern corner of NARADA Resort & Spa Liangzhu and is situated inside Liangzhu Cultural Village of Yuhang District with a unique landscape. The hot spring resort takes an area of 2800 sq m and its design features mountain stones and running water with the natural environment as its foundation to create a great experience of people enjoying hot spring baths in fascinating scenery. Although the hot spring is inside a hotel, it’s open to the public and environmental hygiene and service are great as well. 

There are eight hot spring pools here, which are respectively sandalwood, night willow herb, lavender, cherry blossom, Hakka medicinal wine, fleece-flower root, aloe vera, SPA pool, and slate bath pool. Each hot spring pool has a different function.

Water quality is also very good. The water temperature is controlled between 37 and 40 degrees, comfortable water temperature for adults and children alike.

Hot spring pools here are alfresco, not stuffy at all, so soaking in the hot spring pool should be quite comfortable.

Business Hours: 13:00-22:00 from Monday to Friday; 10:00-23:00 from Saturday to Sunday

Address: inside NARADA Resort & Spa Liangzhu, Liangzhu Cultural Village, Yuhang District 余杭区良渚文化村良渚君澜度假酒店内

Yunman Hot Spring


Yunman Hot Spring is located inside the First World Hotel of Hangzhou, adjacent to Xianghu Lake, Hangzhou Paradise Park. With direct subway access, it enjoys convenient transportation and is a paradise of hot spring in a bustling city.

Yunman hot spring is a bicarbonate spring and the hydrogen content reached 150.9 becquerels, which reaches the water quality standard of physiotherapy hot mineral water. In addition to containing conventional components, hydrogen spring water contains hydrogen, strontium, fluorine and other 14 trace elements essential to the human body.

Currently, there are four main areas in Yunman Hot Spring, Rain Forest Bubble Spring, Original Spring Tribe, Xiangju Flower House, Tianzhu Cottage. The resort features Japanese architecture style, restoring restore the essence of hot spring culture.

The most important of all is that Yunman Hot Spring is located right beside Hangzhou Paradise Park, so you can have a busy and fun day in Hangzhou Paradise Park and then take a hot spring bath in Yunman later to relieve the tiredness, super relaxing.

Business hours: 12:30-22:30 from Monday to Friday; 10:30-22:30 from Saturday to Sunday

Address: Inside the First World Hotel, 2555 Fengqing Avenue, Xiaoshan District 萧山区风情大道2555号第一世界大酒店内

Tuankou Zhong’an Radon Hot Spring 


Tuankou Hot Spring, aka Zhong’an Radon Hot spring, has a history of 1300 years and was called “Tianmushan Hot Spring” in ancient times. It is located among mountains and forests with the enchanting surrounding environment, fresh air, verdant mountains, and crystal-clear water.

Tuankou Hot Spring is a professional ancient spring with the temperature staying from 29 to 33 degrees. According to Zhejiang Provincial Survey Institute, this hot spring contains a variety of trace elements, which have certain curative effects on cardiovascular, nervous system and skin diseases.

Inside and outside, there are 37 outdoor pools and 28 indoor pools with different functions and eight “Chalet Hot Springs”.

The spa hotel is a garden hotel integrated with Balinese architecture style and surrounded by forests, the natural oxygen bar. You can say that a weekend spent here to breathe fresh air and take a hot spring bath is more than relaxing.

Business hours: 9:00-22:00 from Monday to Friday; 9:00-23:00 from Saturday to Sunday 

Address: 188, Tuanquan Street, Tuankou Town, Lin'an District 临安区湍口镇湍泉街188号

Aviation Town Hot Spring 


Aviation Town Hot Spring is the first high-quality pure natural sulfur hot spring in Zhejiang Province. The spring water test demonstration report shows that the hot spring water is hot mineral water and the water is clear.

The water source is 1,406 meters from the center of the earth, and the water quality is natural and pure. Various trace elements in the spring water can promote blood circulation, activate cell tissue and quickly eliminate fatigue.

At night, you can stay in the colorful pool, look up at the starry sky, breathe the air permeated with flower fragrance, feel the warmth of the spring water, close your eyes and enjoy the comfort and coziness brought by the hot spring bath.

Business hours: 13:00-22:00 from Monday to Friday

Address: 71 Hengshan Road, Shouchang Town, Jiande City建德市寿昌镇横山路71号

Hai Yin Hui Hot Spring


Hai Yin Hui Hot Spring is more unique than the above-mentioned hot springs in that it features one-stop services including hot spring, steaming, foot bath, and accommodation!

The façade of the hot spring is magnificent, but its price is relatively affordable and it’s located in the downtown area of Hangzhou. Go barefoot into the Chinese-style hot spring resort and you will see three clean and refreshing pools.

Hai Yin Hui is suitable for several good friends or family members to spend a whole day, taking a hot spring bath, steaming your body to detox, having a spa, watching a movie, singing karaoke or playing cards … The most relaxing time is always with your friends and family members!

Business hours: All day

Address: Near Zhongnan Shopping Center, 1090 Jiangnan Avenue, Binjiang District 滨江区江南大道1090号中南购物中心附近

Yuyao Yangming Hot Spring Mountain Villa


Yuyao Yangming Hot Spring Mountain Villa is located in Siming Mountain (四明山), which focuses on hot spring leisure and health preservation. There are more than 40 hot spring pools of all sizes! You can overlook the contours of the Siming Mountain and count the stars in the sky while soaking in the pool.

The motel inside the mountain villa is the most characteristic! It is very different from the simpler motels in other countries, and is built according to the five-star hotel standard!

It features a variety of decoration styles, such as Arabic, Parisian, Mediterranean, Japanese, Balinese and so on.

And each style is different. Most importantly, the spacious bathroom is equipped with an oversized bathtub, and it uses rare and meta-silicic acid spring water, which is unique in the Yangtze River delta area.

Business hours: 11:30-23:00 from Monday to Sunday

Address: 8, Wenquan Road, Lubu Town, Yuyao City 余姚市陆埠镇温泉路8号

Jiashan Yunlanwan Hot Spring


The outdoor hot spring bathing area of Yunlanwan is characterized by exquisite landscaping and poetic context. The combination of oriental garden landscape and western spiritual physiotherapy can be said to be summarized as “one pool, one scene, one poem, and one artistic conception”.

According to different health functions, the outdoor hot spring area is divided into nine areas including the four constellation area, the nectar skin area, the Dongtian area, etc. There are two unique springs in the area, the Youlan Ancient Spring (幽澜古泉) and the Yunlan Waterfall Spring (云澜瀑布泉), and sixty hot spring pools with different functions.

The spa center hall is designed like the starry sky of the Maldives. The characteristic starry sky, the beautiful decoration, the ubiquitous Maldivian style elements, the coconut trees, the starlight are intertwined into an island-like romantic night.

Business hours: 12:00-24:00 from Monday to Friday; 10:00-24:00 from Saturday to Sunday 

Address: 888 Wenquan Road, Jiashan County, Jiaxing City 嘉兴市嘉善县温泉大道888号