Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Yun Zhong Da Ji Scenic Area
  • Yun Zhong Da Ji Scenic Area
  • Yun Zhong Da Ji Scenic Area
  • Yun Zhong Da Ji Scenic Area
Yun Zhong Da Ji Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :云中大漈景区
Opening Hours:8:30 –17:30 in the summer; 8:30 –17:00 in the winter
Admission Fee:80 RMB
Telephone:+86 578 5066 998
Address:Xiyi Village, Daji Village, Jingning County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province


Yun Zhong Da Ji Scenic Area is located in Daji Village, the south-central Jingning She Minority Autonomous County and amidst the alpine basin and it is chosen as a national AAAA level scenic area. With a collection of geomorphologic landscapes, idyllic sceneries, historical buildings and mountain agriculture, it is an ideal summer resort for sightseeing, leisure and vacation.

Surrounded by continuous mountains and hazed with thick mist, the idyllic village boasts pleasant scenery and wins a reputation of “peaceful land in the clouds”. There are lots of famous natural attractions worth visiting, for example, king of Japanese red-cedar –the oldest in Asia with a history of more than 1500 years, Xuehua (snowflake) Waterfall –one of the top ten attractions of green valley of Zhejiang Province, South China Rhododendron Forest at the top of the highest peak of Jingning County, Xiaozuo Terrace –the most beautiful terrace in Jiangnan. Besides that, there are many historical relics, such as Shisi Temple – the national key cultural relics protection unit built in Southern Song dynasty, ancient galleries of Ming and Qing dynasties, Silver Pole –silver ore relic of the Ming Dynasty and so on.

Daji Village, full of cultural connotation, is the birthplace of 9 Jinshi (Jinshi refers to the successful candidate of highest imperial examination in ancient times) and 23 Juren (Juren refers to the successful candidate in imperial examination at provincial level in ancient times). These achievements are printed in the mast forest which motivates more and more youngsters. It is also a paradise for entertainment and it has many special folk experience projects, such as Daji Catch Hog Festival, Daji Flower Drum Opera, Daji Ceramic Art Museum, film museum and so on.