Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Yuehe Old Street
  • Yuehe Old Street
  • Yuehe Old Street
  • Yuehe Old Street
Yuehe Old Street
Name in Chinese :月河老街
Opening Hours:24 hours
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently
Address:Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province


Unlike other well-known Jiangnan towns, Yuehe Old Street is tranquil and elegant with no bustling, boisterous crowds. Strolling down the road usually gives one the feeling of having time-travelled back to the old days. The crisscrossing alleys are also similar to those paved during the Republic of China period, such as Zhongji Road and Beijing Road.

Speaking of Jiaxing food, one’s mind immediately goes to zongzi, but there are other delicious items worth checking out. Besides the WuFangZhai, there’s also the Jiangnan Grandmother Bridge, Nanhu Lake Crab, Wenhu Stewed Duck in Soy Sauce. These authentic local snacks have inherited the old Jiaxing flavors and charms, and among them, the Gujuzhai. located in No. 146, Zhongji Road, Yuehe Block, is a snack shop that best exemplifies local characteristics.

The two-story Gujuzhai serves all kinds of pastries encompassing all types sold in the market. Its most popular pastries are the orange cake, snow dumplings, dried meat floss muffin, green bean cake, moon cakes, sesame cake and crunchy candy. Every day, from 8:30 am to 9 pm, more than a dozen employees work together, but the business is still barely able to fulfill existing demand, proving its status in the area as a premium food establishment.