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  • Yanwa Island
  • Yanwa Island
  • Yanwa Island
Yanwa Island
Name in Chinese :砚瓦岛
Opening Hours:
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Address: Zhoushan City, Zhejiang 浙江省舟山市


At the southeast corner of Zhoushan Archipelago, there is a small island with an area of only 0.75 sq km but a vegetarian coverage rate of up to 9%. On this small island, you can often see fat wild rabbits strolling around freely. It is the first island that is privately contracted in the country. It has a daily reception limitation of 100 people and provides private yacht transfers to and from the island.

The most important part of the trip on Yanwa Island is to go crab fishing! Rent a reef boat and experience the life of "the Old Man and the Sea"! After returning with a full load, cook seafood and then treat yourself to a hard-earned feast.