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  • Yanfu Temple
  • Yanfu Temple
  • Yanfu Temple
Yanfu Temple
Name in Chinese :延福寺
Opening Hours:08:00-18:00 (January 1st to December 31st Monday to Sunday)
Admission Fee:10 RMB
Telephone:No Information Currently
Address:Dongfuping Mountain, Taocun Village, Taoxi Town, Wuyi County, Jinhua City金华市武义县桃溪镇陶村东福平山


Located in Taoxi Town, Wuyi County, Yanfu Temple, known as "Plum Blossom Garden", has a magical power to make people calm down. It is the earliest and most complete architecture with the song-dynasty-style appearance but the structure of the Yuan Dynasty in Jiangnan, and it can be called the "living fossil" of traditional Chinese culture. Yanfu Temple, which has a history of a thousand years, is waiting for you to have the most beautiful Buddhism practice in the world.