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  • yandang mountain waterfall
  • yandang mountain waterfall
  • yandang mountain waterfall
  • yandang mountain waterfall
Yandang Mountain Waterfall Group
Name in Chinese :雁荡山瀑布群
Opening Hours:5:30~18:00
Admission Fee:200 Yuan/person
Telephone:No Information Currently
Address:Xianglingtou Village, Yandangshan Town, Yueqing City 乐清市雁荡山镇响岭头村


The waterfalls in Yandang Mountain have long been famous, and it has so many waterfalls that you can only imagine. Standing on the mountain top and looking into the distance, the mountain peaks are undulating, white clouds are swirling around, and the scenery is stunningly beautiful. In the rainy season, the waterfalls scattering all over the mountain pour down, resembling the Milky Way and make thunder-like sounds, which are so loud that as if the world is shaking.

Sanzhe Waterfall (三折瀑) is the most bizarre waterfall in Yandang Mountain. Located in a deep valley with high cliffs, it is off the beaten track and Xu Xiake, a famous Chinese geographer, traveler and literati from the Ming Dynasty, passed here twice without knowing its existence. It was not noticed until the Republic of China era. Here, a stream of water passes through three cliffs, pouring down from the top of the cave, forming three cascading waterfalls with different forms - upper, middle, and lower, and the cliff wall is concave, making the waterfall even more majestic.