• Xixi Hongyuan Garden
  • Xixi Hongyuan Garden
  • Xixi Hongyuan Garden
  • Xixi Hongyuan Garden
Xixi Hongyuan Garden
Name in Chinese :西溪洪园
Opening Hours:8:00 –17:00 in the summer; 8:30 –17:00 in the winter
Admission Fee:80 RMB
Telephone:+ 86 571 8908 1133
Address:No.518 Tianmushan Road, Hangzhou City


Xixi Hongyuan Garden is the final project of Xixi comprehensive protection project and the concentration of Xixi culture. Featured with Wuchang Water Town Culture and Hong Family Culture, the garden is an important part of Xixi Wetland Park. As well as unique Hong Family culture, Hongyuan Garden also boasts original natural sceneries.

Hongyuan Garden used to be a private garden of Hong Family, which was reputed as “Renowned Family of Qiantang.” With a large area of 3000 sq. m, it has Hong Palace, Sanrui Hall, an academy, a garden and so on, all of which were built in the style of late Ming Dynasty. Through the garden, the volume of the brilliant history of Hong Family seems to roll out of sight. In Song Dynasty, Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty, a galaxy of talents of Hangzhou Hong Family came out in succession and exerted great influence on culture and society. For example, there are three prime ministers and five high officials in feudal China, and the most famous person is Hongshen, writer of the well-known play, “The Palace of Eternal Youth.”

Xixi Hong Family Garden boasts fascinating natural sceneries, profound historical culture and rich garden water town customs. In early summer, you will appreciate the green water, shadows of green trees, white walls and black roofs, pavilions, and stone bridges. All of them gives you a feeling of serenity and brightness and makes you have an impulse of living in seclusion. Rambling in the garden, you will find yourself near rivers and moorlands wherever you stand. There are ten remarkable attractions here, such as “Hongyuan Yuyun (Hongyuan Lingering Charm),” “Dragon Boat Gathering,” “Jianjia Fanyue”, “Huoshi Yingbo,” “Shou Bay (Long Life Bay),” and so on. And the longest and the most beautiful attraction is Shou Bay, which passes through Xixi Agriculture Experiencing Village, Wuchang Folk Culture Village, Xixi Public Resting Village, and Xixi Art Collection Village from north to south.