Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Xitang Water Village Two-Day Leisure Tour

Xitang, formerly called Xietang or Pingchuan, is located at the juncture of Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, 10km away from Jiashan City. As a birthplace of Wu and Yue culture, Xitang has a rich historical background, and is one of the six ancient towns in Jiangnan. In the Spring and Autumn Period, this town was on the border of Wu and Yue, and was called the root of Wu and the corner of Yue. On 8th Oct, 2003, Xitang was listed as the first batch of China Famous Historical and Cultural Towns.

Day 1 Day1 Hangzhou to Xitang

Guests will be picked up in the morning and reach Xitang by noon. First we will put the luggage at the hotel and then go out for food. Ambling on the street of Xitang, there are many snacks stalls and restaurants selling local food. After a noon break, the journey will start in a leisurely and comfortable pace. The old houses and bridges, Zui Garden, Burn-Incense Port and Chinese Wine Culture Museum are all interesting places for visit.

After dinner it’s time for the night sightseeing on the Wupeng Boat. The red lamps all are lit up and mirrored in the river when it’s getting dark. And the pubs and nightclubs in Dongtang Street start to live up with dances, cheers and alcohol.

Day 2 Day 2 Xitang to Hangzhou

In the morning when most of the visitors are still in their dreams, the ancient town is covered with thin mist and this is the most tranquil and beautiful time of this town. If you are an early bird, do not miss the scene of sunrise on the Yong Ning Bridge. Yan Yu Corridor is also a featured site in Xitang. It's a pedestrian with hanging eaves alongside the river. Stalls selling souvenirs flank the other side. One can know more about the history and architecture of Xitang by listening to the introduction from the guide in Zhong Fu Tang, West Garden. The snacks of sweet ferment rice and stinky tofu are the must-tries in Xitang.

After lunch it is time to return.