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Xiazhi Island
Name in Chinese :虾峙岛
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:Free
Address:Daishan County, Zhoushan City, Zhejiang 浙江省舟山市岱山县


Xiazhi (Shrimp) Island is located 22 kilometers southeast of Peach Blossom Island. The shape of the island resembles a giant shrimp floating on the sea, hence the name. It is an abundant place full of rustic charm. It boasts of mountains and sea landscape, serene and poetic. Living by the sea, every morning, you will see the magnificent sea by simply opening the window. Henicao Fishing Village (河泥漕渔村) features enchanting scenery, peculiar-shaped rocks and cliffs and delicate and soft sands. Come here to experience a real fishing village life and have the whole island all to yourself.