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  • Xianlong Canyon
  • Xianlong Canyon
  • Xianlong Canyon
  • Xianlong Canyon
Anji Xianlong Canyon
Name in Chinese :安吉仙龙峡
Opening Hours:All Day
Admission Fee:CNY 208
Address:Shanchuan Village, Anji, Huzhou


Xianlong Canyon, located in the west of Yuhang, Hangzhou, is situated at an exceptionally beautiful village ---- Shanchuan Village, Anji. Abutting on the Baizhang/ Luniao Transfer Interface of Hangchang Highway, it only takes 40 minutes from Hangzhou to reach Xianlong Canyon. It is also conveniently found in the 3-hour transportation circle of Shanghai and Nanjing, making it a good choice for tourists in the area.

The canyon covers an area of over 1,000 acres in the original bamboo forest in Anji. It winds its way through the area much like a dragon, creating 15 sharp bends, among which 3 are like F1 hairpin turns. This is the most exciting canyon formation in the Yangtze Delta region. The fall of the canyon is over one hundred meters. On the cliffs on the both sides are pristine forests. You can even experience the feel of a near free-fall at any of the 25 massive and steep slopes.

It is also a good choice to take up the adventure of walking alongside the river in the Xianlong Canyon. During the hike you can enjoy the breath-taking beautiful sceneries on the both sides of the canyon. The route consists of wooden paths, bamboo paths, stone paths, and the path suspended in the air and a slope bridge. The route is great for thrill seekers.