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  • Xianhua Mount
  • Xianhua Mount
  • Xianhua Mount
  • Xianhua Mount
Xianhua Mount
Name in Chinese :仙华山
Opening Hours:08:00~17:00
Admission Fee:70 RMB
Telephone:+86 579 84228005
Address:Xianhua Mount Village, Pujiang


Xianhua Mount, located on the north of Pujiang at a distance of 2 km from it. The highest peak of Xianhua Mount is the Maiden Peak, with an altitude of 720.8 meters. This place is famous for the legend of Yuan Xiu, the daughter of Xuan Yuan family, who attained immortality through spiritual practice at this place. The scenic area is roughly 66 square kilometers in size, and is divided into 4 sections, namely, Xianhua mount forest, the First Family in the South, Fuchun Wild Horse Ridge, and Zen Temple in the valley. There are 20 scenic spots in this area. Situated only 17 kilometers from Yiwu airport and the train station, the modes of transportation to this place are very convenient.

Xianhua Mount was formed during the Mesozoic Era 150 million years ago, caused by the pressure and volcano activities of Yanshan movement. In the low mountains and hills terrain, the temperature is about 5 degrees below that observed in the city. 90% percent of the area surface is covered by greenery. In the 1 square kilometer regions at an altitude of over 600 meters, there are 21 steep towering rocky peaks between the height of 50-100 meters. Local people named them after their various shapes, for example, the Hua Pillar Peak, the Lotus Peak, the Maiden Peak and the Horse Peak. The area is divided into the west and the east. The grand west and the steep east each have their own merits. Below the peaks is the Zhaoling Rock. The rock runs from east to west, at a height of 100 meters and a length of 400 meters. On the edge of the rock are many strangely-shaped pines.

The earliest records about Xianhua Mount can be traced back to Tang Dynasty. In the 15th year of Zhenguan (AC 641), the great monk Baozhang from India traveled around Zhejiang, and finally reached Xianhua Mount. Surprised by the magnificent scenery, he decided to settle down, and conducted his spiritual rites in this place till his death in the 2nd year of Xianqing. Since then, many poets have come to this place and left behind works inspired by this place.

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