Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Xiandu Scenic Area Three-Day Tour

Located in Jinyun County, Zhejiang Province, Xiandu Scenic Area features a fascinating landscape of peculiar peaks, gossamer mist and beautiful waters, all of which are in harmony with the rural scenery and historical relics. It is reputed as a national AAAA level scenic spot, consisting of six main scenic areas, Dinghu Peak, Old Man Ni's Ravine, Gufu Crag, the Lesser Chibi, Furong Gorge, and Xianshui Cave. There are 160 unusual peaks, and 27 caves in the 166.2-square-kilometer scenic area, ideal for sightseeing and spending holidays.

Day 1 Hangzhou - Xiandu Scenic Area

Set off from Hangzhou in the morning. It takes almost three hours to reach Xiandu Scenic Area.

The first stop is Chuyang Valley, which has three exquisite stone caves in a row. The three caves are named “Three Apertures of Yanggu Cave”. When the sun rises in the eastern sky, the sunlight marvelously penetrates three stone caves to “Banbi Pool” and then is refracted to the main cave. In front of the cave, there is a huge stone firmly guarding the cave. Walking into the cave, you will find a tranquil and spacious land. On the ceiling of the quiet cave, there is a bowl-shaped hole, said to be the exact location for all-nighters to hang a lamp. Most notably, there are all kinds of calligraphy inscriptions on the walls, which are left from the Tong Dynasty.

Day 2 Xiandu Scenic Area

After breakfast, Dinghu Peak is a breathtaking beginning to a beautiful day. As the core attraction of Xiandu Scenic Area, Dinghu Peak is reputed as the “best peak under the sun”, “best stone under the sun” and “best bamboo shoot”. Here, an abundance of magnificent attractions are endowed by the great nature, such as Huangdi Ancestral Hall, where large sacrificial activities are frequently held; Buxu Mountain; Lianjin River; Yangfeng Bank; Tongzi (Boy's) Peak; Yangzhi Pavilion and so on.

Then, Furong (Lotus) Gorge is a celestial place that is worth visiting. It was said that on the way home from Peach Banquet, eight immortals saw purple ganoderma lucidums growing in the Furong Gorge, and went to pick some. By accident, the lotus in the flower basket of He Xiangu was knocked over, and thus the gorge came into being.

Day 3 Xiandu Scenic Area – Hangzhou

The last stop of this tour is Zhutan Mountain, which boasts many natural resources. The main attractions here are Celestial Causeway, Huweng Attic, Jiulong Cliff and Chaorang Pavilion. It is a very popular location for directors who come here to use the picturesque views in their acclaimed films and TV series.

Then, drive back to Hangzhou to take a rest.