Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Wuyi Hot Spring Two-Day Tour

Wuyi is famous for its hot springs, but there is more than that. Around the little town in the middle of Zhejiang lie many original beautiful old villages with unique landscapes caused by special geological conditions. Wuyi is quite suitable for a short trip with families or friends.

Day 1 Jinhua -> Wuyi

Setting out early in the morning, we will drive to Qingfeng Zhai near Wuyi to see the Danxia Cave. Qingfeng Zhai, along with the Big Red Rock and Liuxiu Ridge nearby, covers an area of 10 square kilometers. The chain of Danxia caves are the most significant features of this valley. Because of its geographic landform, this place is a great spot for photographers. 


After a picnic, we will go to the Yu Yuan Taiji Village. Not far from Qingfeng Zhai, the village has many preserved many exquisite ancient houses made of stone, wood or craved bricks. There are 28 halls standing in the configuration. The structures most worth visiting are Bowen Cottage, Yu Family Temple, and Shengyuan Hall. Yuhou Hall in the east part is the largest hall in the village. From the hill on the west side of the village, one can have a view of the field in the configuration of the Taiji symbol.


After visiting Yun Yuan Taiji Village, we will take trip to Qingshui Bay Hot Spring Resort and relax in the hot spring pools. Some of the pools even have medicinal value and are beneficial in many ways.

Day 2 Wuyi -> Guodong Village

It takes 20 min to drive from Wuyi to Guodong Village. Guodong Village combines nature with culture. The old city walls, bridges, architecture in Ming and Qing styles and primitive woods abound. Not many tourists come here since it is not a promoted attraction yet. Do not forget to have a taste of the bamboo rice during the trip. The rice is cooked in bamboo and has a special scent of the plant.


The return trip will start in the afternoon from Guodong Village to Jinhua.