Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • wuyanling
  • wuyanling
Name in Chinese :乌岩岭
Opening Hours:08:00~16:30
Admission Fee:50 Yuan/person
Telephone:No Information Currently
Address:Shuangkengkou Protection Station, Wuyanling National Nature Reserve, Taishun County泰顺县乌岩岭国家级自然保护区双坑口保护站


Wuyanling is not only the birthplace of the Feiyun River (飞云江), one of the eight major river systems in Zhejiang Province, but also the source of the "big water tank" Shanxi Reservoir (珊溪水库) in Wenzhou. Water is one of its characteristics. The water landscape here is rich and colorful. Here, large and small waterfalls form in the valley over a hundred streams. Gurgling streams can be seen everywhere, like slits of flowing light and strips of gauze.