• Hangbang Dish
  • Nansong Imperial Street
  • Hefang Street
  • Gaoyin Street
Wushan Food Triangle
Name in Chinese :吴山美食金角
Opening Hours:24 hours
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No information currently
Address:Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Hangzhou food has a style of its own which is commonly called Hangbang dishes. Located next to ancient Wushan Square are Gaoyin Street, Hefang Street and Southern Song Imperial Street, together constituting a triangle of Wushan snacks. Gaoyin Street is credited with having the longest history among these three food streets. In the Southern Song Dynasty, it was called Roushi Lane and Guanfeiling, well known for selling pig lungs filled with glutinous rice.

In Hangzhou, the most famous restaurants usually serve Hangbang cuisine. In Wushan Food Triangle towards Gaoyin Street, you can taste both the "White Snow in Early Spring" Hangbang dishes and try “The Countrymen”, a favorite of Xiabentang residents. This food triangle houses not only specialties and snacks from all around the world but also numerous taverns.

Walking along the streets, you can enjoy the pleasure of visiting specialty stores with interesting wares and shopping for curios and food items. Yuyue Hall, Huangfan’er, Wang Runxing, Zhi Weiguan, Gao Zu Pan-Fried Bun and Xinfeng Snacks, among others are some of the best restaurants which satisfy even the fussiest of palates. Here one finds some of the most distinctive snacks in Hangzhou; whether it is Dragon's Beard Candy, or Victory Cake, these foods represent the most authentic charms of old Hangzhou.