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  • window of She Nationality
  • window of She Nationality
  • window of She Nationality
  • window of She Nationality
Window of She Nationality
Name in Chinese :畲乡之窗
Opening Hours:High-Season: 8:30--17:00; Off-Season:8:30--16:30
Admission Fee:90 RMB
Address:Dajun Village, Jingning, Lishui


The “Window of She Nationality” is an all-round scenic region combining elements of historical culture, ethnic folklore and the natural ecosystem and landscape. Situated in Dajun Village, the scenic area is 12 km away from the county. Since the year 2009, the Window of She Nationality has been rated as a 4A level class tourist attraction. Now, the place is the activity base for many events and was honored in the list of top 10 most popular scenic spots in Lishui in 2011. This is also one of the most typical classic tourist attractions of intangible cultural heritage in Zhejiang.

The scenic spot is well equipped with facilities and the supporting functions. There is a tourist reception center of more than 3,000 square meters, an eco-parking lot of 12,000 square meters, a 1,500 square meters convention center, a She exhibition museum, an eco-walkway of 1.5 km and facilities for rafting and canoeing. Besides, there are also many activities and performances held here such as the She Wedding Show, the Welcome Ceremony, Song-Chain Fest, Well-Washing Fest, the She Mountain Flame Fest, the Bonfire Evening, and Hug-the-piggy Fest. With the beautiful scenery, enriched national characteristics and the illustrious history of the old town, it is indeed one of the best places for leisure and cultural exploration.

There are five main sections in the Window of She Nationality. The theme of the first section is about the She people and their culture. The folklore shows and activities of She wedding, the flame fest, the water-sprinkling fest and the bonfire evening, all deeply impress the visitors with the refreshing and vivid folklore of the She villages. The second section is about the landscape. The Window of She Nationality attracts an increasing number of visitors on account of its fresh air and the green environment as it enjoys an excellent geographical location. The famous attractions include Longgang Grove, Thousand-step Beach, Dajun Ancient Street and the ancient building groups. The third section is about the water landscape. Going through the mountains and villages, the green river represents a reflection of the whole village. The combination of the numerous pools, mountains, the strange stones and the old dock that carries various legends all receive good remarks from the visitors, in particular  the Meihuaxu Canoeing, which wins the reputation of being the number one rafting game in the south. One must also not forget the biological landscape of old trees and the historical landscape of buildings. The Guanyin Temple established in the Ming Dynasty, the Li Family Ancestral Hall and the pavilion bridge in Dachiken are highly recommended.

The She Wedding Show reflects the most exciting and original aspects of the lifestyle of She culture. The visitors can join the play together with the actors and discover the spirit of She lifestyle through the first-hand experience. In the wedding show, the patriarch will choose a husband for his daughter. All the candidates must go through a fierce competition and the final winner will gain the chance to be the bridegroom. In the performance, many unique customs are observed, like catching river snails, and washing black face. In the competition for the bridegroom, the visitors can participate by learning archery and harvest dancing, which makes the tour even more enjoyable.

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