Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Wenzhou Amusement Park
  • Wenzhou Amusement Park
  • Wenzhou Amusement Park
  • Wenzhou Amusement Park
Wenzhou Amusement Park
Name in Chinese :温州乐园
Opening Hours:08:30-16:30 (Monday-Friday); 08:30-17:00 (Saturday-Sunday)
Admission Fee:100 RMB
Telephone:+86 577 86696222
Address:Xia’ao in Chashan District, Wenzhou City


Wenzhou Amusement Park is located in Chashan Street, covering an area of 230,000 sq m, and is a top grade tourism theme park in China. It combines natural landscapes, various cultural themes and high-tech amusements. It is a modern amusement park and also a good place to relax and be entertained during the summer and holidays. It offers a large number of recreational activities to ensure people of all ages can have fun here, anytime, no matter whether it is hot or cold outside.

The park is filled with various forms of entertainment and wonderful performances. There are different theme areas, including the European style area, the cartoon area, the amusement paradise area, the western U.S. area, the dinosaur adventure area and the adventure valley area. More than 40 kinds of nationwide advanced large high-tech playground equipment are scattered in each district. With extreme activities such as the 50-meter-high Bungee jumping known as “Highest in Zhejiang”, the only 360 degree circular movie screen in a cave, the park is a land of excitement and thrill, and a haven for adventurers. It is also equipped with activities requiring multiple participators, such as Space Mountain, laser tag.

As a high-tech modern entertainment park in south Zhejiang, Wenzhou Amusement Park is known as “the Native Disneyland”. It gives every tourist a grand banquet of adventure, excitement and leisure, where they can experience and integrate themselves into the theme culture atmosphere.