Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Tiantai Mountain Two Day Tour

Tiantai Mountain Scenic Area is world-renowned as the cradle of Tiantai Buddhism and the birthplace of Ji Gong, the living Buddha. The sceneries here are quite marvelous that people from all directions come for a visit. The great traveler in Chinese history, Xu Xiake, who has traveled around the world, has gone to Tiantai Mountain for three times and written two praiseful notes for posterity.

Day 1 Hangzhou –> Taizhou

Drive to Taizhou and check in Tiantai Hot Spring Hotel.

Then, tour Ji Gong Former Residence, which used to be a private garden of Li Family, the family of Ji Gong, and  Guoqing Temple, which still keeps the simplicity and purity of Buddhism. Walk along the main street from the gate of Guoqing Temple, and you will see the antique temple in approximately six hundred meters. There is no hawker selling incense, but all kinds of historical relics, such as a tower left from Shui Dynasty, camphor trees starting their history from Tang Dynasty and numerous vines struggling for lives from Song Dynasty.

Enjoy a delicious supper in the Huamaidi, a special restaurant in the Guoqing Scenic Area.

After supper, walk to the hotel and enjoy its specialty, hot spring.

Day 2 Taizhou –> Hangzhou

Wake up naturally and go to visit the attractions around.

After the casual visit, gather to Huayang Planet Space Farm. It is a family farm themed with space culture. There are nine space capsules in total, which are named after the sun and the eight planets. Here, you can have different experiences in different capsules, such as Plant Nurturing Room, Vapor Cultivation Room, Stereoscopic Substance Hall, Fish and Vegetable Co-existence Hall, Alien Museum, Aerospace Science Experiencing Center, Space Vegetable Experiencing Hall and so on. Apart from these, there are other funny projects provided for your exploring the mysterious space.

Climb Tiantai Mountain and enjoy the beautiful sceneries in the peak, and you will be so proud to see all the great things are small under your foot.

Drive back to Hangzhou.