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  • Tiantai Mount
  • Tiantai Mount
  • Tiantai Mount
Tiantai Mount Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :天台山风景名胜区
Opening Hours:7:30-17:00
Admission Fee:CNY 340
Address:Tiantai, Taizhou


Tiantai Mount lies in the east of Zhejiang Province, at the intersection of Taizhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing and Jinhua. Covering an area of 187.1 square kilometers and abundant in tourism recourses, this place attracts lots of tourists since olden times. The great traveler Xu Xiake had been here thrice, and put his travel note for Tiantai Mount in the first chapter of his famous work- Xu Xiake’s Travels.

The scenic area is divided into 13 sections according to the location and features. The most popular areas are the Fall of the Stone Beam and the Clouds Over Huading. The stone beam is a natural bridge of granite, a rare masterpiece of nature. The waterfall “flies” through the beam, pouring down from a 40-meter drop like bolts of lightning. Aside from the waterfall is the Gufangguang Temple housed in the green forest of bamboo shoots and trees. This temple is dedicated to the 500 Arhats.

Huading is the main peak of Tiantai Mount; surrounded by other neighboring peaks, Huading often resembles a blooming lotus. The aesthetic of the landscape varies according to the season. The cheerful azaleas in the spring, the refreshing cool weather in the summer, the beautiful sunrises in the autumn and the captivating snow in the winter all make Tiantai Mount a fascinating place for tourists. Besides, it is also one of the birth places of Chinese tea culture.

Religious culture is also a feature of Tiantai Mount. Religious culture took hold in this area as long as many centuries ago. From AD 300 onwards as many monks and Taoists, attracted by the charm of this place, began staying here for spiritual practice and missionary outreach. Thus, Tiantai Mount became the birthplace of many religious sects. Some pilgrims even came all the way here from Japan and Korea.

Tiantai Mount is also a paradise for wild plants and animals. It is said that some plants here have lived for centuries, for example, the palm blossoms from the time of the Sui Dynasty, the camphor tree that has been around since Tang Dynasty. The mountain area also provides a suitable environment for growing of many Chinese medicines. The most marvelous of these plants is the old Yunjin rhododendrons trees growing in the area at an altitude of over 1,000 meters. The flowers bloom in the late spring; and the pink, yellow flowers appear to spread around the area like wispy, colorful clouds. Tiantai Mount is also home to many rare species of animals as the large civet, serows and clouded leopards.

In additional to the bountiful natural resources and rich culture, Tiantai Mount also enjoys a convenient location. Taking advantage of the highway, it takes less than 2 hours to drive from the main cities in Zhejiang and 3.5 hours from Shanghai. With much progress made in the construction of facilities in Tiantai area, the accommodation facilitieshave increased dramatically in recent years.

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