Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Tianji Dragon Gate
  • Tianji Dragon Gate
  • Tianji Dragon Gate
  • Tianji Dragon Gate
Tianji Dragon Gate
Name in Chinese :天脊龙门
Opening Hours:8:00–17:00
Admission Fee:65 RMB
Telephone:+86 570 2801 108
Address:Huangtankou Village, Qujiang District


Tianji Dragon Gate Scenic Area, located in Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a National AAAA Level tourist area and a provincial ecotourism area, combining the natural sightseeing with leisure vacation. It belongs to Zhiwei Mountain National Forest Park and Lanke Mountain-Wuxi River Provincial Scenic Area. Tianji Dragon Gate is a collection of wonderful peaks, grotesque rocks, sweet springs, magnificent waterfalls and heavy clouds as well as an integration of risk, magnificence, oddity, gracefulness and serenity. There are many mountains standing and many gorges spreading freely in the scenic area. Among the 54 over-one-thousand-high mountains, Shuimenjian surmounts other peaks and becomes the highest peak in the south of Zhejiang Province with an altitude of 1452.6 meters; there are also rivers in the valleys that are over ten thousand meters long and dive from one-thousand-meter high gorges. For example, Tianji Waterfall, yet to be developed, is the highest hanging waterfall in Eastern China with a height difference of 198 meters. The canopy density of Tianji Dragon Gate is higher than 98 percent for the deep and dense forest, attributing to the mild and moist climate. Therefore, it is a best place to breed rich wildlife resources.

Ziwei Mountain has been long reputed as the “First Dragon Mountain in the World”, and it is the sister mountain of Huangshan Mountain and Sanqing Mountain. It is easy to see the traces of dragon in the scenic area –dragon palace, dragon bridge, dragon pavilion and various landscapes about dragon such as “Birth of Dragon Hot Spring”, “Dragon Pond Flying Waterfall”, “Dragon Flying in the Sky” and so on. What a complete collection of dragon culture! In the scenic area, there is a majestic plank road winding among the high mountains, linking a great number of key attractions in an 1800-meter-long line. Standing on the line, we can proudly enjoy the panoramic scenery of the Tianji Dragon Gate.

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