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  • Tangfeng Hot Spring
  • Tangfeng Hot Spring
  • Tangfeng Hot Spring
  • Tangfeng Hot Spring
The Wuyi Tangfeng Open-Air Hot Spring Resort
Name in Chinese :唐风温泉
Opening Hours:Weekdays 13:30---24:00,Weekends 9:30---24:00
Admission Fee:158 RMB
Telephone:+86 579 87628809
Address:Hushan Provincial Forest Park


The Wuyi Tangfeng Open-Air Hot Spring Resort aims at providing customers with a nice vacation experience at an open-air hot spring. This project is based on the Wuyi Hot Spring as invested in by Jinhua Golden Earth Investment ltd.

The Wuyi Tangfeng Open-Air Hot Spring Resort combines the hot spring experience with the culture of poetic Jiangnan. There are more than 20 open-air hot springs with different themes, including the West Lake spring, Qiantang River spring, rice wine spring, flower spring, aloe spring, fruit spring, milk spring, coffee spring and so on. Besides, they also offer Japanese style family open air hot spring areas and Chinese indoor hot spring rooms for VIP customers.

In addition to the hot springs, the Resort also provides guests with other services like accommodation and other leisure pursuits. There are luxurious suites, two multifunctional halls which can hold banquets for 400 to 500 people or conferences for 200 people. There is also a Japanese style massage room, an aromatherapy room, chess room, footbath room, table tennis rooms and other facilities that will provide you a fun yet relaxing vacation.

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