Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Taizhou Mountain and Sea Three-Day Tour

Taizhou is a vital city in the south of Zhejiang at the seaside. Bestowed by the abundant and beautiful sea, Taizhou breeds its own glamour and custom as a coastal city. Take a trip to the islands nearby and experience something different.

Day 1 Hangzhou -> Taizhou

Setting early in the morning, we will reach Shepan Island by noon. First we will have a try of the Shepan noodle as lunch. After lunch, the exploration of the island will start. One big and one small, two hills crawl on the island like tangled snakes. They are named after the shape. The idyllic scenery on the island reminds people of the Land of Peach Blossoms in Tao Yuanming’s poem. Shepan Island, in the same size of Macao, is isolated from the troubles and changes. The beautiful landscape makes it a place of interest since the ancient time.

After a day’s trip, we will rest in the local B&B and have a great meal of seafood.

Day 2 Taizhou

After breakfast, we will take a bus to Longchuan Canyon Scenic Area, a National AAAA Grade scenic area. This place is famous for its canyons and great waterfalls. Sima Waterfall is about 80 meters in height. On the top of the cliff there is a pond, and at the bottom of the pond there is a hole. The water sprouts out from the hole and forms a waterfall on the cliff like a white silk scarf.

After lunch, we will go to visit Han Rock Cave. This cave is also called Han Yan Dong Tian. With a height of 15 meters, a width of 48 meters and a depth of 78 meters, it is quite a large cave. The famous calligrapher Mi Fu in the Song Dynasty once wrote Qian Zhen in the cave. Thus it is also called Qian Zhen Cave. Han Shanzi, the famous monk poet in the Tang Dynasty lived here in seclusion. In front of the cave there are the relics of Han Yan Temple. On the entrance of the cave there are two stones in the shape of a snake and a tortoise separately. A big piece of rock is called Zuo Yan Rock, and is said to be the seat of Han Shanzi.

After the trip, we stay in the local B&B for the night.

Day 3 Taizhou ->Hangzhou

After lunch, we will go to Jiuzhe Mount in Tiantai. Jiuzhe Mount consists of nine hills. The road to the mount will be blocked by the hills for nine times, but every time, new scenery will be spread in the front after the twists and turns.

We will leave for Hangzhou after lunch.