Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Off-the-beaten-track Tour at Lishui

There are more than 300 ancient lounge bridges in Taishun County of Zhejiang province, China. So Taishun is called "a town of the lounge bridges in the world" by the bridge experts. In fact, it is a "Museum of Chinese Bridges" and "Legacy of the World". People are proud of these rich and well-preserved wooden lounge bridges.

Day 1 Lishui -> Jingning

This morning, you will be driven to Jingning. In the afternoon you will go visit She Minority Nationality Cultural Park, where you will take a look at She Minority Nationality Museum and Great Square to know more about She Culture. The special things here are to appreciate native show of She Minority Nationality regarding their unique wedding ceremony, Hunting and Ancestor worship performance, etc.

Day 2 Jingning -> Taishun

After enjoying your breakfast you will be driven to Taishun. After that, you will have a look at Dongxi Bridge. The corridor of this bridge looks like a crimson palace with four flying eaves engraved at each end. Not far away, you could find another covered bridge of similar structure and style--Beijian Bridge. The main structure of this bridge has 15 small covered rooms, which combined to form a long alley. Locals called these two bridges "sister bridges". These two sister bridges are regarded as the most beautiful rainbow bridges in China, maybe even in the world. In the afternoon you may enjoy hotspring to take your tiredness off at your hotel. And the swimming pool at hotel is free for tourists to enjoy.

Day 3 Taishun

After enjoying your breakfast pay a visit to the Liuwen Bridge, which provides a great contrast. It has a luxurious style and takes you back to the wealthy city from this distant hamlet with few inhabitants. It has a three-floor-pavilion with extravagant decorations and a very special calabash-like top. No words are suitable to describe the scene, one can only imagine it as an elegant old painting. This afternoon you will take a gander at Hu's grand courtyard. The native residence creates a sincere sense of warmth among you. For the creatures, who spend their days surrounded by impersonal concrete, the pebble walls of the houses here are heart warming.

Day 4 Taishun -> Lishui

This morning you will visit Xianju Corridor Bridge, which is a wooden arch-bridge with the largest span in the county, surrounded by lush and verdant trees. Lacking lavish decorations like flying eaves and delicate engravings, this bridge lies peacefully as if released from earthly troubles. Before leaving, take a second look to engrave in your mind and heart the memories of this tranquil place with charming corridor bridges. you will be driven to Lishui. In the afternoon you will take a visit at East-west Rock at Nanming Hill, which is known for its serenity and elegance while the East-west Rock scenic spot is famous for its sharp peaks and rare stones.

Day 5 Lishui

Today you will head for Jinyun Xiandu Scenic Area, where you will visit Dinghu Peak. It is known as China's "Number One Stone Shoot." Legend has it that the peak was the place where the Yellow Emperor made pills of immortality. Taoism, China's native religion, prospers here where you can find many Taoist temples and relics. In the afternoon you will be transferred to Hangzhou. Upon your arrival, be dropped off at your hotel.