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  • Suichang Gold Mine
  • Suichang Gold Mine
  • Suichang Gold Mine
  • Suichang Gold Mine
Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park
Name in Chinese :遂昌金矿国家矿山公园
Opening Hours:High-Season: 8:00-17:00; Off-season: 8:00-16:30
Admission Fee:CNY 98
Address:Huayuan Hill, Lianzhu County


Suichang Gold Mine National Mine Park lies towards the northeast of Suichang, Zhejiang, at the watershed of Qiantangjiang and Oujiang rivers. It is located at a distance of 16km from Suichang County, 260km from Hangzhou and 170km from Wenzhou. Covering a total area of 33.6 square kilometers, the core exhibition area of the mine takes up 6.3 square kilometers.

The gold and silver mines have a long history of over a thousand years, with the resultant accumulation of abundant resources in culture and technology. The earliest mining activity started in Tang Dynasty (AC 671-675). In Song Dynasty, this place was named Yongfeng Silver Mine. Later in Ming Dynasty, it was the biggest silver mine in the country, with the mining technology in use the most advanced in the world at that point of time. There are many relics of the ancient mining activities, and the Tang Gold Cave has been well preserved along with the detailed literature records, making the mine a place of great value for historical research relating to mining.

The Mine Park accurately presents ancient mining culture and technology as well as the features of the modern advancements in the mining industry. This is one of the 28 parks in the country dedicated to mining, and the only national Mine Park in Zhejiang. There are various service zones and sections in the park such as the Gold Hotel, Gold Museum, Reservations of Mining Relics (of Tang and Ming mines), ancient gold smelting exhibition, new technology smelting exhibition and recreation zones.

Considered to be a place that in history is essentially a source of wealth, it is also an ideal spot for recreation. Visitors come to Suichang gold mine with hopes of getting good luck and fortune.