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  • Southern Great Wall of China i
  • Southern Great Wall of China i
  • Southern Great Wall of China i
  • Southern Great Wall of China i
  • Southern Great Wall of China i
  • Southern Great Wall of China i
Southern Great Wall of China in Linhai
Name in Chinese :临海江南长城
Opening Hours:7:00—17:00
Admission Fee:CNY 65
Telephone: +86 576 85301106
Address: No.258 Chonghe Road, Linhai, Taizhou City, Zhejiang


Linhai City, located in the southern wing of the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, 300 km south of Shanghai and 230 km southeast of Hangzhou, is a historically significant city which is also a hot tourist destination in China. The Southern Great Wall of China is a national AAAA level tourist attraction and falls under state protection.

The structure was originally built in the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317-420) and was not finished until the Tang Dynasty (618-907). The existing wall is about 5, 000 meters long and requires about 3 hours for a throughout visit. It was built almost around the same time as the Great Wall that everyone knows about. Actually, the structure located in Linhai served as a model for the Great Wall of China, with the same architectural style and the same technique made use of once the latter was commissioned. As a defensive barrier for the city, it has also been called the Southern Great Wall of China. The Southern Great Wall of China also served another important function for the local inhabitants. Linhai would always be submerged by water due to the rainy seasons and thanks to the construction of the South Great Wall, the city was kept safe both from flood risk.

The Southern Great Wall of China situated in the high mountain ranges towards the river, offers tourists a spectacular view. The wall is so similar to the Badaling area in Beijing, that it has been nicknamed “the Badaling of Southeast China”. Along the way are visible gates, fortified towers, and battlements. The wall is surrounded by Dagu Shan in the north, Jinzi Shan in the south, Lingjiang River in front, East Lake in the east. Additionally, the beautiful Ziyang Ancient Street, about 1,000 meters long, is composed entirely of ancient buildings, both in the make of wood and masonry, and give visitors a glimpse of the daily lives of ancient locals, a totally different experience compared to visiting the Great Wall in Beijing.

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