Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Shuiting Old Street
  • Shuiting Old Street
  • Shuiting Old Street
  • Shuiting Old Street
Shuiting Street
Name in Chinese :水亭街
Opening Hours:24 hours
Admission Fee: Free
Telephone:No information currently
Address:Kecheng District, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province


The Three Streets and Seven Lanes in Shuiting Street is the most comprehensive historical block in Quzhou with numerous hidden gems of Quzhou style. The well-arranged Ma Tau Walls covered by rattan vegetation, the wooden doors, white walls and black tiles of the street houses are filled with plenty of ancient city memories dating back to the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic of China era. Ambling around these buildings, the perfect side-activity is to munch on some local snacks.

Orecchiette, rice gruel with egg, chopped green onion pork, all these are part of the household snack names hanging on the wooden boards and lanterns of the "Ancient Shop and Good Food" store. Fish head, duck head, rabbit head and duck web represent Quzhou’s famous "Three Head and One Palm", and Quzhou people have a strong affinity for spicy food. What’s different from the Sichuan's general spicy cuisine is that the spice here is potent enough to sink into the marrow, a whole other type of intense experience not to be missed!


Besides these authentic Quzhou snacks, another must-try is the hand-made "Qing Dynasty Wonton". Inside the thin translucent white wrapper is meat and delicious gravy, floating in a fragrant steaming soup covered by drops of lard and chopped green onions. With each mouthful, the delicate soup brings an earthly warmth to one’s heart.