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Name in Chinese :神仙居景区
Opening Hours:8:00 – 17:00
Admission Fee:Peak Times: 55RMB Off Peak Times: 55RMB
Telephone:+86 576 8779 6878
Address:Shenxianju Scenic Area, White Tower Town, Xianjv County, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province


Shenxianju Scenic Area, located in the south of Xianjv County in the southeast of Zhejiang Province and near the East China Sea, takes a large area of 158 square kilometers. Shenxianju Scenic Area has splendid nature scenery, and fascinating things are the mountains and river, the cliffs and caves, the stones and peaks, all of which are wonderful. From the Xianjv County toward the west, there is an endless ebb and flow of mountains such as Dalei Mountain across the north and Kuochang Mountain in the north. The mountains in the south of White Tower Town seem extremely precipitous and isolated from others around the Shenxianju Scenic Area. Shenxianju Scenic Area has five attractions – Shenxianju, Jingxing Mountain, Shisandu, Gongyu and Danzhu, as well as a collection of peaks, falls, rivers and forests. It has been enlisted in the fourth group of national scenic areas with a 15.8-square-kilometer collection of thrilling peaks, serene valleys, pretty woods, and amazing waterfalls. There are more than 60 attractions such as General Rock, Sleeping Beauty and Flying Waterfall in the scenic area. There are a great number of waterfall groups and dragon ponds upstream of Shenxianju Scenic Area, and it is common to see a 11 waterfalls in a row and various ponds in only 500 meters.

Historical Evolution: In 1007 AD, after travelling to Xiyan Temple on horse in a dream, Emperor Zhenzong of Song was in awe of the surroundings, and he changed the name of Yong’an County to Shenxianju. In 2007 Xianjv County held grand celebrations to celebrate the 1000th year of the founding of the county.

Cultural Characteristics: Over the years the Xiyan Temple that once stood here have been ruined by the weather, but the scenery that has attracted emperors remains and is even more beautiful.

Two Mountain Supports Sun, Celestial Pillar Stand in the sky, Lion Peak, Celestial Folds Stone, Elephant’s Trunk Block the Ravine, Futou Rock are named for their unique shape. Sleeping Beauty, which is in front of the Shili Valley resembles a freehand painting of some celestial being. Seen from far away, it is like a young girl sleeping against the cliff with the clear eyebrows of Pine Trees. It is said that the head of Virgin Group, Liu Yifei, has cheerfully called it “Fairy Sister.” Unfortunately, the eyebrows have been ruffled by the wind, and the stone that has been watching the beauty for billions of years has gotten several wrinkles. There are four gates leading in four directions in the scenic area, all of which are made of two perilous peaks, waiting for the tourists. The southern gate is the narrowest one which is just 50 meters wide. It is said that it turns to the peak of Yandang Mountain in Leqing City after 100 curves. It seems to be a one-hundred-mile gallery that is set for celestials themselves. There is a smooth mountain path along the winding valley where you can appreciate the ten-mile valley, steep cliffs, high peaks, heavy clouds, natural sounds and the water. There are 11 waterfalls in a row. The first, Elephant Trunk Waterfall, is named for the mountains on both sides, which look like elephants, and the trunk is the fall.
At first sight, Jade Bowl Pond looks like a silver spoon, and Ingot Pond resembles a gold ingot. Besides the majesty of the waterfalls, there are many other wonderful things to appreciate. Lion Peak Waterfall is a 300-meter fall with water rushing into a mist. There are many different waterfalls to see here, it truly is a is a Shenxianju.

Preferential Treatment: Students can ave 50%. Free for children less than 1.2 meters in height, poeple aged over 70 years old with Preferential Treatment Card or ID Card and servicemen.

Transportation Information:
Air: It is 15 kilometers away from Shenxianju Scenic Area to Huangyan Road Bridge Airport
Railway: No Information.
Public Bus: Urban Transport: 10RMB from Xianjv Bus Station to Shenxianju Scenic Area by taxi. It is convenient to take buses or taxis among attractions in the scenic area.
Self-drive: Line one: Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Yong Highway – Hangzhou-Jinhua-Quzhou Highway – Zhuji-Yongjia Highway – Shenxianju Scenic Area
Line two: Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Highway – Taizhou-Jinhua Highway – Shenxianju Scenic Area (limited to the direction to Wenzhou and no traffic to the direction to Ningbo)     Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou Highway – Linghaibeixia Highway – Taizhou-jinhua Highway –Shenxianju Scenic Area
Line Three: Shanghai-Hangzhou-Ningbo Highway – Shangyu-Sanmen Highway (Tiantaixia) –No.104 National Road – No.35 Provincial Road – Taizhou-Jinhua Highway – Shenxianju Scenic Area

Climate and the Best Time for Travelling: The weather is pleasant for travelling all year round.