Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Shenxian Residence Two Day Tour

Listed in the fourth group of national scenic area, Shenxian Residence boasts perilous cliffs, secluded valleys, green forests and cascading waterfalls. There are more than sixty attractions in the scenic area. Especially, fall groups in the upstream and Dragon Pond fall groups are densely distributed. Within the range of only five hundred, there is a rare waterfall group with eleven waterfalls in a row and all kinds of deep ponds.

Day 1 Hangzhou –>Taizhou

In the morning, drive to Taizhou to appreciate the magnificent mountain sceneries. It is said that Shenxian Residence is a fairy bonsai made by celestials. It has both the serenity of the Taitai Mountain and magnificence of the Yandang Mountain, and all the beauties of Xianjv County is focused here.

Dine in the scenic area.

Then, stroll around the Zhiyang Ancient Street, the best ancient street in Zhejiang for about 45 minutes. It is a broad and long street, where a one-thousand-year history is condensed.

Day 2 Taizhou –> Hangzhou

Get up early to take a fresh breath of Southern Great Wall of China in Linhai, the resemblance of Badaling Section of the Great Wall. It takes nearly 2 hours to finish the more-than-five-thousand-meter trudge.

In the afternoon, tour Linhai East Lake, the neighbor of Southern Great Wall of China in Linhai for 45 minutes. East Lake, located in the east of Linhai Ancient City, started its history from Northern Song Dynasty. It began with the dock for water army, and turned into a park by Qian Xuan, the official of Taizhou.