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  • Shengyan Temple
  • Shengyan Temple
Shengyan Temple
Name in Chinese :圣岩寺
Opening Hours:8:00-16:30
Admission Fee:No Information Currently
Telephone:+86 580 6063306
Address:Taohua Island, Putuo District, Zhoushan City舟山市普陀区桃花岛


There is a Shengyan (Holy Rock) Temple on the peak of Anqi Mountain in Taohua (Plum Blossom) Island, Putuo District. Compared to the popular Puji Buddhism Temple on Putuo Mountain, Shengyan Temple is even more isolated from the outside world. Although the scale of Shengyan Temple is not large, it is the highest monastery among the thousand islands of Zhoushan. The predecessor of Shengyan Temple was built in a natural stone cave at an altitude of 482 meters and has a history of more than 400 years.