Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Shengsi Archipelago Three-day Tour

Shengsi Archipelago is the only national archipelago scenic area and is reputed as the celestial mountain on the sea. Characterized by the primitive eco-tourism, it has more than 50 attractions and is divided into four parts. First is Sijiao Scenic Area which is featured with its beautiful island landscapes, leisure fishing culture and seafood; second is Hualu Scenic Area, which is famous for Mist Island as well as Flower and Bird Lighthouse, the largest lighthouse in the Far East; Shengshan Hill-Wolfberry Scenic Area, which is suitable to appreciate the fishing port, sea cliff and fishing customs; and the last is the Yangshan Hill Scenic Area, where you can appreciate the magic rocks, bright reef and modern harbor briddge.

Day 1 Shanghai –>Shengsi Archipelago

Gather at the Shanghai Wharf and then take a yacht for Lizhu Mountain Wharf of Shengsi Archipelago. As soon as getting in Shengsi Archipelago, you can check in a fisherman’s hotel.

After lunch, go for Jihu Beach, which is located in the core of the Shengsi Archipelago Scenic Area and is the biggest beach in the Eastern China. Here, the sea is flat, the sands are soft, and the natural scenery is ever-changing. For example, you can appreciate heavy mist on the sea in the spring, play with blue sea water in the summer, challenge the great tide in the autumn, and watch the layers of the waves in the winter. In addition, there are many activities provided, for instance, sea bathing, surfing, sand bathing, windsurfing, motorboat, beach volleyball, beach football, car-racing, horse-racing, sun bathing, seashell-picking, crab-digging and so on. At present, it has held lots of national games and has been one of the hottest coastal resorts.

Day 2 Shengsi Archipelago

Spend a whole day in experiencing the life here, and you can go fishing oversea, cast a large net and appreciate the beautiful sceneries here. You can also process your achievements of fishing and enjoy the delicious meal.

Day 3 Shengsi Archipelago –> Shanghai

Dabei Mountain is the last stop of this trip, which is the Buddhist holy place of Shengsi Archipelago. It has a long Buddhist history of 1055 years. Continuous people come here to burn incense and worship the gods there for a better life. Then, tour around the island to finish this trip.