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Shengsi Archipelago
Name in Chinese :嵊泗列岛
Opening Hours:24/7
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:No Information Currently Available
Address:Shengsi County, Zhoushan City


Located in the north of the Zhoushan archipelago, Shengsi consists of more than 400 islands and presents charming sea-island scenery. As one of the 12 island cities of China, Shengsi is the only nationally ranked island scenery resort, which is made up of four scenic spots- Sijiao, Huaniao, Shengshan and Yangshan. In addition, it was also one of the 14 venues of the 2014 West Lake International Expo.

Endowed with brilliant natural landscapes and abundant fishery resources, Shengsi features beautiful soft sand, odd rocks and delicious seafood. It has a reputation as a “Magic Mountain on the Sea” and the charming island has attracted thousands of tourists every year. In summer, many visitors will pay a visit to Shengsi to relax and unwind. As is always the case, the Golden Sand Beach is the first option where visitors can enjoy some swimming and surfing.

One of the most attractive things to do in Shengsi is taking boats to catch fish with the local fishermen. To enable visitors to experience a fisherman’s life style, the special local tourism program “happy fishing” has been set up. After a catch, visitors can take their seafood to the local restaurants and have the chefs cook a great meal only at the cost of a small fee. Tian’ao Village Square is a hot spot of seafood eateries where visitors can choose from plenty of options and enjoy the delicious food.

Besides the wonderful natural scenery, the islands are also rich in cultural relics, and Sijiao Island is the one with the most illustrious history. Its peaceful environment has attracted many monks and Buddhists to come here, and temples began to spring up since ancient times. The top of Sijiao Island is where tourists can go to have a bird's eye view of the beach.

Visiting the Shanghai-Hangzhou economic zone, an increasingly number of tourists has been attracted to Shengsi. With its clean air, blue sea and tasty seafood, Shengsi has become an ideal land for touring, sightseeing, holidaying and seafood tasting.

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