Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Ruoliao Primitive Forest
  • Ruoliao Primitive Forest
  • Ruoliao Primitive Forest
  • Ruoliao Primitive Forest
Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :箬寮原始林景区
Opening Hours:07:30 –17:00
Admission Fee:70 RMB
Telephone:+86 578 8095 278
Address:Likeng Village, Anming Village, Songyang County, Lishui City, Zhejiang Province


With the excellent ecological environment, Songyang Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Area is the paradise of wildlife, and thus it is rated as National AAAA Level tourist spot and reputed as natural oxygen bar. Most notably, there is a one-thousand-mu (1 mu roughly equals 666 sq m) area full of rhododendron simiarum, which forms a rare wondrous spectacle under the heaven. Featured with historical sites, plunging waterfalls from deep valleys, broad plains in a high altitude and ancient architectures, Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Area dedicates to make a good scenic spot for leisure, sightseeing, science education and environmental protection.

Endowed with luxuriant vegetation, the scenic area has high forest coverage and suitable climate. Especially Ruoliaoxian, the highest peak in Songyang County, which is almost 1502 meters high, boasts lots of rare species and ancient towering trees, forming continuous primitive forest scenes. As the elevation of the altitude, the species and quantities of the plants increase, and all of them are in harmony with all kinds of natural sceneries. Because of the typical mountain climate here, even in the hot summer, it is temperate and humid, resembling the cool spring. And that is why the place becomes popular in the summer.

Here, it is usual to see bright flowers, towering trees, perilous cliffs, grotesque rocks, silent ponds and fresh waters. What is the most spectacular is the “ten-mile flower sea” where the rhododendron simiarum are in full bloom every May. Besides the beautiful scenery, the related infrastructure here is also well-equipped, for example, barbecue base, camping sites, caravan parks, swimming pools, custom experiencing center and so on.