Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Root Palace and Buddhist Count
  • Root Palace and Buddhist Count
  • Root Palace and Buddhist Count
  • Root Palace and Buddhist Count
Root Palace& Buddhism Kingdom Culture Tourist Area
Name in Chinese :根宫佛国文化旅游区
Opening Hours:08:30-18:00 (from May to October) 08:30-17:00 (from November to next April)
Admission Fee: 120 RMB
Telephone: +86 570 6162 588
Address:Kaihua County, Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Root Palace and Buddhist Kingdom Culture Tourist Area is located in the center of golden triangle area which borders some famous scenic areas such as Huangshan Mountain, Sanqing Mountain, Wuyuan, Qiandao Lake and so on.

The scenic area has typical scenery with abundant natural and cultural landscapes. More than that, it is also the only scenic area that is themed on root culture in the world, thus, chosen as National AAAAA Level tourist area. The over-five-thousand-year-old Chinese brilliant culture that has been concentrated on roots is showed in the exhibitions of root sculptures, bonsai arts, stone appreciation and ancient gardens, forming an elegant and harmonious picture. It is the best scenic area for seeking Chinese roots and sources. There are more than 30 attractions in the scenic area, such as, “the Blessing Door with Lucky Lights”, “Buddhist Heart in the Cloud Lake”, “Concentration of Fun Room”, “Work of Nature Museum”, “Root Palace and Buddhism Kingdom”, “Zhuigen Pagoda”, “Historical Culture River” and so on. These exhibitions contain a root sculpture of Sakyamuni, the biggest root sculpture in the world, and a huge root sculpture of an array with 500 arhats, which is 680 meters long. The scenic area has a large number of resources in different types, mainly including local landscapes, water scenery, ruins and relics, architectural designs, human activities and climatic landscapes. Being the root of art, culture and folklore, it contains extremely high historic cultural and scientific values with uniqueness and peculiarity in the domestic and international tourism.

This mysterious paradise of art that is made by a century-old god of trees, is the palace of root and the kingdom of Buddhism and wins the reputation of “the most wonderful garden in the world”. The essence of root sculpture is in China, while to appreciate the Chinese root sculptures, then head to Kaihua County. Until now, Root Palace and Buddhist Kingdom Culture Tourist Area has been the most distinctive cultural tourist area in China and is also a National AAAAA Level tourist area.

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