Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Red Culture Tour around Zhejiang

Red always reminds Chinese people of the tortuous revolution of Communist Party of China.  At this time, people cannot help stepping into the holy places of revolution to reminisce about the history and show fratitude to revolutionary martyrs. Here are some holy places of red culture tourism in Zhejiang (Red Culture refers to the culture created during the years of revolutions and wars by the Communist Party of China, revolutionaries and common people.).

Day 1 Hangzhou -> Huzhou and Jiaxing

Early in the morning, get up and get ready for the drive to Huzhou.

The first stop is Huzhou Changxing Jiangsu and Zhejiang Military Former Site of New Fourth Army which is the most complete, largest and most meaningful revolutionary former site group during Jiangnan Anti-Japanese War. At that time, in just one year, Chinese new fourth army had battled with Japanese army for 135 times, killed 2458 Japanese invaders and conquered more than 80 Japanese strongholds which belong to Chinese in first place, laying a sound foundation for the establishment of Jiangsu and Zhejiang Military of New Fourth Army.

In the afternoon, drive to Jiaxing City which boasts an abundance of red tourist resources. The most famous of them is South Lake. South Lake not only enjoys a great reputation for its beautiful sceneries, but also accepts much attention for the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China. It is the most significant revolutionary commemoration site in modern history. Beside the South Lake, there is a red boat, which has exerted great influence on Communist Party of China. In 1921, it was in this little boat that the first “Constitution of the Communist Party of China” was born and Communist Party of China was born, signifying the new page of Chinese revolution.

Day 2 Jiaxing -> Shaoxing and Ningbo

Set off after delicious breakfast and drive to the next holy place –Lu Xun Native Place, Shaoxing City. As the witness of Lu Xun’s life, Luxun Memorial is chosen as a national patriotism education demonstration base. Since it opens the door to tourists, students go to and fro in constant streams. At the same time, it is also a perfect window to know Shaoxing, the historical and cultural city.

After lunch and enough rest, the next is Liangnong, a red ancient town of Yuyao City, reputed as “Yan’an (the famous holy land of revolutionary) of Eastern Zhejiang”. Centered on the Liangnong Town, Eastern Zhejiang (Siming Mountain) Former Site of Anti-Japanese Base is one of 19 anti-Japanese bases in the period of anti-Japanese war. Here, numerous revolutionaries have laid down their heads and have shed their blood. In memory of these heroes, the government has set up Siming Mountain Revolutionary Martyr Monument here. Apart from that, there are many revolutionary former sites for you to reminisce about the revolutionary history. For example, Siming Mountain Revolutionary Martyr Monument, revolutionary former sites, Taofen Bookstore and so on.

Day 3 Ningbo -> Taizhou and Wenzhou

After one-and-half-an-hour' drive, you may arrive in Taizhou, the best place for patriotism education. In the mid of January, 1955, after the liberation of mainland China, Communist Party of China went into war with Kuomintang of China for the last time. And it was the first time for Communist Party of China to combine air force, navy with land force, and ultimately, Communist Party of China won a substantial victory. In this battle, 454 soldiers gave precious lives for the great cause. Now, after large-scale renovation, it becomes a national patriotism education demonstration base.

In the afternoon, drive to the south of Yandang Mountain, a famous scenic area in Zhejiang. There is a Wenzhou Southern Zhejiang (Pingyang) Former Site of Anti-Japanese Base. It is the activity center of Chinese Red Army Advanced Division and provincial commission, and used to be a revolutionary base. In the scenic area, there are a lot of revolutionary relics existing in harmony with natural sceneries of Nanji Archipelago. After that, you can choose to release your minds in the magnificent Yandang Mountain or fabulous Nanji Archipelago.

Day 4 Wenzhou -> Lishui

Lishui will be the last stop to finish this amazing red tour. From 1939 to 1941, Communist Party of China Zhejiang provincial committee has set up more than ten clandestine points in the suburban Lishui city, including Huangjingzhi Law Firm, Liuying Secretary Residence, Xinghuaguang Shop. They witnessed the hard struggles of revolutionaries and left many precious traces for later generations to revere.

Then, drive back to Hanzhou.