Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Quzhou Three-day Tour

Quzhou, a beautiful city that can pure your soul, is endowed with an abundance of natural sceneries and cultural landscapes. Take your backpacks, and take a deep breath in the fresh air of Quzhou. You will have a fresher mind to face your works, lives, and even the challenges.

Day 1 Hangzhou –> Quzhou

Gather at Wushan Square and set off for Longyou Grottoes, one of the best artificial underground building groups in ancient times, in the morning. It is so wonderful but lack of historical records, leaving a great mystery and a deep reflection to posterities. Stepping into the grottoes, you will feel the extreme cold and gloomy at first. Later, going deep into the grottoes, you may feel amazed at the natural cool air and the spectacular carvings on the wall that glow faint green.

Then, drive to Longyou Residential Estates, which is located in the beautiful Jinming Mountain. There are a great number of representative ancient buildings, which are dotted compactly. Here, you can not only feel the strong historical culture, but also tastes lots of local delicacies.

Day 2 Quzhou

Get up early to visit Confucius Temple and Family Residence, one of the only two remaining temples of Confucius in China. Here, lots of stories of Confucius will give you a lot of inspirations and enrich your values. Then, climb Lanke Mountain, which is reputed as the celestial land of Baduk, a mental chess popular in ancient China. Legend has it that a woodcutter saw two children play Baduk by accident on the way home, and was enchanted by it without realizing that his axe was broken; thus its name.

After lunch, go to Jiulong Lake, which is located in Quzhou City. It boasts rich natural resources, abundant endangered plants and rare species, meeting the aspiration for environmental protection. The next stop is Tianji Dragon Gate, which is a National AAAA Level tourist area and provincial ecotourism area. Here, you can not only appreciate the wonderful peaks, rugged rocks, gurgling springs, but also experience the rare risk, magnificence, oddity, gracefulness and serenity in the best cable suspension bridge in western Zhejiang.

Drive to Confucius Family Mountain Village, where villagers are hostile to invite you to guest.

Day 3 Quzhou –> Hangzhou

In the Confucius Family Mountain Village, you can take a taste of the natural mountain life, and feel the purest air that you could not find in metropolis.

Then, drive back to Hangzhou.