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China Qingtian Stone Curving Culture Tourism Area
Name in Chinese :中国青田石雕文化旅游区
Opening Hours:Peak-Season: 8:00——17:00;Off-Season:8:30——16:30
Admission Fee:60
Address:Quanyong Street 26,Qingtian


Qingtian stone curving is Qingtian’s golden calling card. The China Qingtian Stone Curving Culture Tourism Area is spread across two towns, Hecheng and Shankou. As of now, the tourism area is composed of the Qingtian Stone Carving Museum, the China Stone Curving Town and the Qiansi Rock Culture Park. The Mine Park, Master Art Gallery and the crude stone market are also included in the area development plan, and will be added in the near future.

Qingtian Stone Carving Museum is the only stone carving museum in China. Exhibiting 170 kinds of crude stones and carving works from masters of all dynasties, the museum concisely represents the 6,000-year history of stone carving in China.
China Stone Curving Town is the biggest stone carving market in China. This is also the ideal place to learn more about the stone curving process. You can buy all kinds of exquisite stone carvings of Qingtian Stone, Shoushan Stone, Changhua Stone and Balin Stone here.

Qiansi Rock Culture Park combines the elements of nature and culture together, and is the first stone theme park in China. The stone from here is the base for Chinese carving art. If you want to acquire some knowledge about Chinese carving art and stone collections, you will not regret paying a visit to this place.