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  • Qiaobo Ice and Snow World
  • Qiaobo Ice and Snow World
  • Qiaobo Ice and Snow World
  • Qiaobo Ice and Snow World
Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice and Snow World
Name in Chinese :绍兴乔波冰雪世界
Opening Hours: Weekdays: 10:00-20:00, Weekends& Holidays 9:00-22:00
Admission Fee: From 158RMB to 380RMB according to time
Telephone: +86 575 89859999
Address: Keinan Avenue 2168, Shaoxing


Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice and Snow World is a nationwide chain enterprise, founded by Ye Qiaobo, a former world champion of speed skating, together with Tus Holdings. The investment scale of this project is over 400 million RMB and the covered area is over 60 square kilometers. This is the only all-inclusive sports theme amusement park in China equipped with indoor skating & gaming facilities, hotel services including resorts, convention center and catering, with sports and entertainment amenities. Located beside the famous Jianhu-Keqiao scenic area dotted the mountains and lakes, Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice and Snow World is an excellent choice for leisure or business.

The indoor skating hall is nearly 30,000 square meters in size and is equipped with a children’s snow playground, and elementary, middle-level and high-level skate ways. Adopting the most advanced technology in cooling and artificial snow, the temperature of the skating hall stably stays under zero Celsius degree, and the snow depth is half a meter. Even in the hottest of summers, you can still have fun in the exciting skating arena. Now, Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice and Snow World has become a highlight in Shaoxing’s tourism culture and has great appeal to the youngsters.
Shaoxing Qiaobo International Conference Center was established as a four-star hotel. All 201 luxurious guest rooms are fully equipped with all requisite fittings. The exquisite ornate halls, the grand corridors and spacious guest rooms always leave good impressions in the minds of the guests and the beautiful environment, great facilities and intimate service will make you feel at home.

Shaoxing Qiaobo International Conference Center has 8 conference halls and is able to accommodate banquets of 10 to 1,000 guests. The Qiaobo Hall, which cost a big amount of money to build, is the largest multi-function conference & banquet hall in Shaoxing.

In additional to the Jinyue Restaurant, which serves Chinese food, Shaoxing Qiaobo International Conference Center also has a western restaurant and a fast food restaurant. The four-store Chinese restaurant takes up 4,000 square meters in total, with big dining halls and booths of all sizes. The restaurant serves local Shaoxing cuisine, Hangzhou cuisine, Sichuan cuisine as well as Hunan cuisine. The stylish western restaurant serves fresh ground coffee, red wine and all kinds of western food items. This is an ideal place for you to gather with your friends. The fast food restaurant is located in the skating hall. You can enjoy the self-service food and drinks during breaks when skating.

Furthermore, at Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice and Snow World, you can also have fun in the indoor swimming pool, the outdoor basketball and tennis courts, and the five-person football field. If you want to escape from the hot weather in the summertime, this is a good place to go.