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  • Pinghu Folk Custom Museum
  • Pinghu Folk Custom Museum
  • Pinghu Folk Custom Museum
  • Pinghu Folk Custom Museum
Pinghu Folk Custom Museum
Name in Chinese :平湖民俗风情馆
Opening Hours:08:30–11:30 and 13:30~17:00 in the summer; 08:30–11:30, 13:00–16:30 in the winter
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:+86 573 8501 4152
Address:No.1, Sanshiyi Alley, North Huancheng Road, Pinghu City


Pinghu Folk Custom Museum, located in the west of the East Lake Scenic Area, is a theme museum specialized in folk customs. Open in 2002, it is the Jiaxing Patriotism Education Base as well as Science Education Base, and is reputed as the National AA Level tourist area. It includes two exhibition zones: Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Exhibition Center and Farming Culture Exhibition Center.

Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Exhibition Center covers a large area of 1820 square meters and 1750 square meters is dedicated to the buildings. The main building, originally built in the 1930s, used to be the home of Family Lu, the wealthy merchant of Pinghu City, and now is well-preserved for appreciation of Republican styles. Here, the intangible cultural heritages, from dance and sports to craft and arts to music and opera, are demonstrated in all kinds of showing ways, including reproduction and pictures. In addition, the center also exhibits some things that are special here, for example, Pipa of Pinghu Style, Bozishu, Nine-color Dragon, Watermelon Lantern, Egg Preserved in Rice Wine, Homespun. All of them are listed in the national or provincial or municipal intangible cultural heritages, worthy of appreciating.

Farming Culture Exhibition Center, located amidst the Guangchen Town Golden Dragon Gate Ecological Leisure Park, covers a more-than-fifty-acres area. It has set Farming Culture Exhibition Gallery, Folk Custom Square, Animal Stadium, Oil-pressing Workshop, Pastoral Farming, Outdoor Babecue and other cultural tourist zones in the scenic area.