Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • North Zhejiang Grand Canyon
  • North Zhejiang Grand Canyon
  • North Zhejiang Grand Canyon
  • North Zhejiang Grand Canyon
North Zhejiang Grand Canyon
Name in Chinese :浙西大峡谷
Opening Hours:08:00 -17:00
Admission Fee:80 RMB
Telephone: +86 572 5612 111
Address:Shilin Hill, Baofu Town, Anji County, Zhejiang Province


Located in the south of the Anji County and lying in the latitude of thirty degrees, the mysterious location in the world, North Zhejiang Grand Canyon is the largest unique scenic area in the whole Yangtze River Delta and is reputed as the Tibetan Plateau of Zhejiang. It was endowed with two hundred and three attractions in total, including more than one hundred magnificent mountains that is more than one thousand meter high thirty originally farm resorts, five mountain terraces, fifty-eight streams and ninety-eight waterfalls.It consists of five scenic areas: Dahan Mountain Majian Hill, Dong Hill Paradise Street, Stone Hill Nine Bend, Longxu Mountain, High Mountain Farm Resort, suitable for leisure, vacation, sightseeing, summer geological exploration and scientific research.

Here, grotesque rocks stand on the wonderful peaks, green pines are vigorous and upright, clear ponds and flying waterfalls are scattered densely, the sea of the bamboo is immerse, forming fantastic natural sceneries and ecological landscapes. Besides that, there are historical cultures melted into the nature, creating many holy places for meditation, such as the natural Buddha, Rulai Peak, Yixian (Thread) Waterfall and so on. Exploring in this paradise, you will calm yourself down and experience the real feelings of primitive simplicity.