Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

New Stone Age Tour at East-bound of Zhejiang

Blessed with a wealth of varied landscapes well known throughout China, Zhejiang attracts so many tourists. Under the general title of "Jiangnan (Southern Part of Yangtze River Delta) in Poems and Paintings, Zhejiang with Mountains & Waters", a cultural Zhejiang, a leisured Zhejiang, an ecological Zhejiang, an oceanic Zhejiang, a commercial Zhejiang, and red tour to famous sites in Chinese revolution are the elaborately designed tourist brands.

Day 1 Hangzhou -> Ningbo -> Fenghua

This morning, you will be driven to Ningbo from Hangzhou. It takes around 2.5 hours.
When you get there, your first step is to visit Hemudu Culture Ruins from the New Stone Age, which is found to be an accidental and covers an area of 40,000 square meters and have four cultural layers overlapped about 5000-3000 BC. The ruins are considered one of the most important archaeological discoveries in 20th century of China. It is believed that you will get a feeling of how intelligent the ancient people were after visiting the ruins. And if you are archaeological lovers, you can easily get satisfied with what you have seen and learnt there.
In the afternoon you will be transferred to Fenghua county by private car. After that, take a gander at popular Xikou Scenic Area, where is the hometown of Mr. Jiang Jieshi and his sons, who are Chinese celebrity, historically figures in modern times. There are graceful sceneries and many historic sites. The highlights you will visit are Fenggao House, Wenchang pavilion and original Yutai Salt Store etc.

Day 2 Fenghua -> Hangzhou

After breakfast, you will take a look at charming Xuedou Mountain Scenic Area, which is described as "the famous mountain as manifested in the dream." Today you are going to enjoy a leisure walk along the 1.5 kilometers long street and also light incense in the Xuedou Temple to pray for a prosperous future.
In the afternoon you will be driven back to Hangzhou. End of your nice trip.