Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism

Nanxi River One-Day Tour

Reputed as “the cradle of Chinese landscape painting”, Nanxi River boasts a long history of agricultural culture, clan culture, geomantic culture, architectural culture and culture of longevity. Here, the water is clear and reaches the highest standard of water quality. Characterized by the clear waters, grotesque rocks, multiple waterfalls, ancient villages, and luxuriant forests, the river is the only tourist spot renowned for pastoral landscapes in the national scenic areas. That is the exact reason why so many directors have filmed successful fairy movies and TV series here.

Day 1 Hangzhou->Wenzhou

After a delicious breakfast, drive to Nanxi River Scenic Area, a National AAAA Level scenic area. It takes approximately 90 minutes to get there. Shigui Rock Scenic Area is the first stop for sightseeing. The main attractions here are Little Three Gorges, Shigui Rock and Xia’ao Reservoir Playing Area. Little Three Gorges is endowed with precipitous cliffs, steep peaks, torrential streams, deep ponds, sand beaches and green lawns, bringing the most wonderful experience. Shigui Rock rises straight from the ground and is uniquely shaped giving it a sense of magnificence. On the way to Little Three Gorges via a ferry, there is Shangbu Village, which is the cradle of Red Rock, Guanyin Peak, Frog Stone, "Green Stone Forest" and other distinctive attractions.

Later, visit the Lishui Street, the landmark of Nanxi River Ancient Village, for lunch. After lunch, you can ramble around Lishui Street to feel the antiquity; all things here are old and of vicissitude. There is a saying: one who fails to visit Yantou Lishui Street is wasteful for this tour.

In the afternoon, it is time for a breathtaking activity –Bamboo Rafting. The water here is rapid and suitable for brave people. At the same time, the sceneries along the way are so beautiful that you may regret missing them as you speed by. Standing in the river, you are at the center of the world.