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  • Nanxi River
  • Nanxi River
  • Nanxi River
Nanxi River Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :楠溪江景区
Opening Hours:07:30-18:00
Admission Fee:Admission fee of scenic spots inside varies from 10 RMB to 70 RMB
Telephone:400 826 9978
Address:Yongjia County, Wenzhou City


Located in Yongjia, twenty-three km away from Wenzhou, the Nanxi River Scenic Resort is a national scenic spot which is adjacent to the Mount Yandang Scenic Resort. The Nanxi River Scenic Resort is divided into eight scenic areas, covering an area of 670 sq km with picturesque natural views and rural scenery.
The Nanxi River Scenic Resort is praised as the Cradle of Chinese Landscape Painting. Hundreds of beautiful scenic spots are scattered around the area - the Baizhang Waterfall, the Furong Ancient Village and the Peace Rock.

The beautiful 300-kilometer-long Nanxi River is regarded as the most beautiful river in the world, flowing through the entire region of Yongjia. Pebbles shine under the sun, fish swim in the clean water and trees line the sides of the river. The PH value of the river's water has been rated a seven, ensuring its suitability for living and drinking. Furthermore, the Nanxi River area is full of lush greenery with a mild climate, where has produced many local specialties such as chestnuts, persimmons, fragrant fish and Wuniu Tea. Many rare tree species, such as the Fagus Hayatae, the Gingko and the Pterocarya Stenoptera, can also be found here.

The ancient Furong Village is popular for its well preserved historical features and traditional cultural relics with a 1,200-year-old history. The layout of the village strictly follows the unique traditional culture of China, which can be seen from the carefully selected location and sophisticated style. The shape of the village is square and faces east, with a round Furong Pond (芙蓉池) in the middle. There are many historic and cultural sites such as ancient towers, bridges, pavilions and archway buildings, which were built in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) around the Nanxi River.

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