Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism
  • Xuedou Mountain
  • Xuedou Mountain
  • Xuedou Mountain
  • Xuedou Mountain
  • Xuedou Mountain
Mount Xuedou Scenic Area
Name in Chinese :雪窦山风景区
Opening Hours:08:30-16:30
Admission Fee:120 RMB
Telephone:+86 574 88880992
Address:Xikou Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo City


Mount Xuedou Scenic Area is a National AAAA Level tourist area, situated in the north-west of Xikou Town, 20 kilometers away from Ningbo. It is renowned for its splendid and wonderful scenery that is home to more than 60 attractions, among which the Xuedou Temple is the most attractive.

Mount Xuedou Scenic Area had already won the name of "a fairyland on the sea” early on in the Han Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD). At an altitude of 800 meters, Mount Xuedou enjoys a reputation for being the tallest mountain in Siming range and features graceful mountain ridges, unique cliffs, tempting waterfalls, and deep streams. The charm of Mount Xuedou lies not only in its picturesque sceneries but also in its status as the former residence of important historical figures Chiang Kai-shek and his son, thus making this place more mysterious for tourists from China and abroad.

Since ancient times, Mount Xuedou has held a high status in Chinese Buddhism. Located in a scenic site, the Xuedou Temple has a history of over 1600 years, and has cultivated numerous eminent monks. It is also the place where Monk Maitreya practiced his Buddhism, thus a large number of eminent monks and pilgrims have been attracted to Mount Xuedou. Now, the temple covers a landscape area of over 20,000 sq meters, which combines natural landscapes and Buddhist culture perfectly.

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