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  • longwan pool waterfall
  • longwan pool waterfall
  • longwan pool waterfall
  • longwan pool waterfall
Longwan Pool Qizhe Waterfall
Name in Chinese :龙湾潭七折瀑
Opening Hours:8:00-18:30
Admission Fee:Longwan Pool Scenic Area- 60 Yuan/person, high-altitude glass rafting- 100 Yuan/person, Longwan Pool + high-altitude glass drifting experience - 130 yuan/person
Telephone:No Information Currently
Address:Longwantan National Forest Park, Hesheng Town, Yongjia County永嘉县鹤盛镇龙湾潭国家森林公园


If other waterfalls win by height, then the Longwan Pool Qizhe Waterfall attracts people with its peculiar appearance. Longwan Pool is surrounded by verdant mountains, crystal-clear water and fresher than fresh air all year round. It is a real forest land. The Qizhe Waterfall is one of the most beautiful pictures in Longwan Pool. In the deep valley, the stream is divided to seven levels by the cliffs. Each level is composed of a waterfall and a pool and is interconnected.

The high-altitude glass rafting slide in Longwan Pool has a total length of more than 1,000 meters and is the first high-altitude rafting project in Wenzhou. The slide starts from the edge of Qizhe Waterfall with a drop of 100 meters. The slide circles in the air for many times. Sliding down at full speed, the water wave comes to you and the inflatable raft run up and down, rushing left and right, very exciting! Besides, the transparent glass slide provides unobstructed views of the mountains.