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  • Longhua Temple
  • Longhua Temple
  • Longhua Temple
  • Longhua Temple
Longhua Temple
Name in Chinese :龙华寺
Opening Hours:8:30-16:30
Admission Fee:Free
Telephone:+86 0575 85120129
Address:Daxianglin Tiangong Scenic Area, Lingxia Village, Hutang Street, Keqiao District, Shaoxing City绍兴市柯桥区湖塘街道陵下村大香林天宫景区


It is on this famous Chinese historical and cultural mountain, Kuaiji Mountain, that the earliest Longhua Temple in China was built. Blocks of lavishly-decorated pavilions and towers with red walls, glazed tiles, and cornices are scattered on the banks of the Xianghai Sea on the top of the Kuaiji Mountain.

Surrounded by the azure sky, white clouds and green mountains, and accompanied by incense smoke and Zen music, you can hit the auspicious bell and listen to Buddhist music to purify your mind; or eat a vegetarian meal, appreciate the traditional Chinese culture, burn incense and meditation; or read a sutra to detach yourself from material desires and pray for blessings.